• Chapter 6. Humanity’s Leap Into the Golden Era > A Turning Point in Human Evolution
      • I. A Turning Point in Human Evolution

        You see, one small step from everyone in the right direction can result in a big leap in our evolution as a human race. And that small step is very simple. It’s just: no killing. Abiding by the principle of “Live and let live,” adhering to the universal law where we grant life to beget life. Because like attracts like; that we all know. This, of course, includes adopting a vegan diet.

        Humans are naturally more generous and peaceful in their heart; it’s just that we all have been misinformed, misunderstood for a long, long, long time. We thought meat was good for us, we thought dairy was good for us, we thought fish was good for us, we thought eggs were good for us. It’s all wrong. It’s all the opposite. It all has been proven that these things that we have been told that are good for us—like meat, fish, dairy, eggs, whatever animal products are “good for us”—is all wrong. It’s the opposite of what is good. It has been bringing us suffering, sickness and tremendous loss of finances from tax payers for curing disease and related business.

        So, we have been misled, for a long, long time. Now, we have to do research. We have to listen to the wise doctors and scientists. We have to see the result of their research: that meat and animal products are really, really poisonous for us. We have to stop now, especially stop for our children’s sake. We can’t keep poisoning our children anymore; they are helpless. The poor children, they rely on us, they think we know better, but it’s not our fault either. We just need to turn around.

        Why it’s not our fault? Because we have also been taught that way. And our grandparents, our great-grandparents have also been taught that way. And for being too busy, too busy for daily survival, working, we have no time to do research, so we did not know that these things are truly poisonous to us.

        And above all, it is eating up our planet. It’s not just killing people, it’s not just killing animals, it’s killing our planet. And we have to stop it in order to save our world. We just turn around, that’s it. Just walk the opposite way, the right way without causing anymore suffering; no taking more lives, but loving and protecting all creatures. That’s the leap that all humanity needs.

        We will feel completely different after we make this leap. We will feel evolved to the higher level of consciousness automatically. Just imagine we are big, strong, intelligent and able. We are able to plant all kinds of stuff to eat, and we should not use our might, our intelligence, our capability, to harass, to molest, to torture, to cause suffering and to murder those little, helpless, innocent animals who have never done us any harm. According to the law, they are innocent. And if we kill innocent beings, we are the ones who should be punished. I am sorry if I offend you, but this is the truth. And I am sure you understand it.

        Through our leap in this evolution, we can leave this existence of want and fear, toward a true life of peace and love and enlightenment —from the vicious cycle of killing, suffering, and violence to a circle of loving kindness, protection, and happiness.

        Can we imagine a world where the meek ones never have to fear the strong, where there is no more violence, no fighting among neighbors near or far, and no child has to die of hunger, thirst or illness every few seconds, every day, while their mother watches, completely helpless with her heart drowning in sorrow?

        As I am speaking, many children are dying somewhere. Every few seconds, a child dies of hunger. We cannot keep doing this. We cannot wait longer. We have to save these lives—not just the lives of animals, but the lives of our children, even if it’s not our children, other people’s children.

        Meat causes so much suffering because it causes hunger and war. We use up all our cereals, grain, soy and good resources, and land and water to support the meat industry, and therefore the world is short of food and water. So, in order to save lives we have to stop the meat industry.

        The way we are living right now is a deeply degraded condition of what we really are. We are the children of God, which is all loving and kindness. We are the heirs of Heaven. We’ve just forgotten. Can you imagine a God who comes here to Earth and kills everything in sight to eat? Sorry, if there is a God like that, I don’t want to be Hiers child. Would you like to be the children of that kind of God?

        Okay, no. Thank you. Thank you. You are so kind. Now, if God is all merciful, all compassion, all loving and we are the children of God, then don’t you think we should walk like God’s children on Earth?

        We have to walk the way of love and compassion. We have to represent our Father if we want to glorify His name. We always pray every day, “Hallowed be thy name in Heaven as well as on Earth,” but what do we do to hallow Hiers name? We have to represent Hirm.

        We always pray to God because we believe God is merciful, protective, compassionate and loving. And we are the children of God; we must represent these qualities. We are those qualities: We are loving and kindness. We have just been misled, misinformed, and we have forgotten. So please just remember. These qualities are deep inside us, so we know there must be something better than what we see around us.

        We do have examples through our history of human beings whose lives were so uplifting that they continue to shine until today—not only spiritual teachers, but philosophers like Plato, statesmen like Socrates, the mathematician Pythagoras and the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson of America. They were all vegetarian. Are you surprised? No, you are not. You don’t look surprised to me. So you knew all that. All the great people, they are vegetarian or vegan. So, if we study them carefully, we will see that at the basic core of the civilized life they taught is the vegan diet.

        The vegan diet is one of the first, single, greatest acts of compassion, of not harming another life and not damaging the environment even. If we compare a meat-based diet to a vegan diet, [the meat-based diet] takes around 14 times as much water, six times as much grain, 10 times as much energy, and over 20 times as much land, while often destroying precious rainforest.

        Being vegan is good business in terms of virtuous merit, as well as preserving the only home we have. The less damage and harm we inflict upon the planet and her inhabitants, the less we have to pay. We are paying dearly now, and we will pay much dearer if we don’t stop the meat/animal industry.

        The more we exert our loving kindness and protection towards all beings, the greater we will be in the world, the greater will be the feeling in our heart as well as in the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s why great Masters and other illuminated souls of the past all taught us, one and the same, that if we don’t wish to be harmed, we must not impose harm on others. You look in all religions, [and] all say the same, this sentence, this same meaning. Whatever is good for us, we should do for others; that whatever we sow, we will reap, without fail. That’s why they did teach us not to eat animals and to be vegan.

        If we make this leap, a very small change in the diet; instead of meat, instead of animal protein, we choose vegetable protein, which is first class anyway. Animal protein is second class, why? Because they have eaten the first-class vegetables and fruit and then we eat their flesh. That is second class. We are humans, why do we choose the second-class stuff? It doesn’t befit us. So we have to make this leap.

        We have to make this leap, ladies and gentleman, because if we do, the Golden Era will be here in no time, heralding a time of peaceful living without the perpetual loss of lives—early deaths in the tens of billions each year! Tortured and murdered for our fleeting pleasure, which we could always replace. Meat is replaceable.

        There are so many wonders of earthly life that we have yet to experience and discover, so much scientific knowledge to be revealed and explored, and invented, and incredible technologies to be discovered and developed! There are better social systems. These are things mostly beyond our present level of logic or even our imagination, but they can only be achieved through tapping into our wisdom and creative power.

        In order to open this wisdom, we must first remove the harmful, obstructive substances that block and suppress it, like meat, dairy, fish, poultry and all animal products. These things obstruct our intelligence, delay our progress, not just spiritually, morally but technologically as well.

        Finally, besides our personal reasons of wanting to welcome a golden era, we also have the planet to consider, which as I’m sure you know, we are at risk of losing anytime now. So, this leap in consciousness is also to save our planet and all other beings that deserve a harmonious world to live in.

        If everyone makes this leap or shift, we can save our planet. I promise, with all the honor that I have, and God be witness. At the same time, we elevate ourselves, which has been long, long overdue.

        The Human Race is Ready to Advance

        It’s the high time that the human race should rise to a higher level of consciousness. They should be noble, kind and compassionate. Go veg, be green, do good, is not just for the planet, it’s for the whole human race ennobling, spiritual merit and quality. They should do it, just for the sake of being noble.

        We have to turn back to our caring and compassionate nature inside our heart. That’s very simple. We are that. We are compassion. We are merciful; we are caring.

        If we truly wish to see real harmony born between humans and animals and nature and Heaven, we must be the harmony, we must live in harmony and act also in harmony, which includes the act of eating harmoniously each time we come to the table.

        Making a vegan choice is thus a true advancement in the evolution and goodness of our humanity. And then we also know that like attracts like, goodness attracts more goodness. As we share this compassionate truth with others, not only will our own humanity be further uplifted, so will the world’s.
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