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      • Our Publications 

        To elevate our spirits and provide inspiration for daily living, a rich collection of The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s teachings are available in the form of books, videotapes, audiotapes, music cassettes, DVDs, MP3s and CDs.

        In addition to these published books and tapes, a wide array of Master’s teachings can also be accessed quickly, free of charge from the Internet.  For example, several websites feature the most recently published Supreme Master Ching Hai News magazine (see the “Quan Yin Web Sites” section below).  Other featured online publications include Master’s poetry and inspirational aphorisms, as well as lectures in the form of video and audio files.


        Picking up one of Master’s books in the middle of a busy day can be a lifesaver, as her words clearly remind us of our true Nature.  Whether reading her spiritually informative lectures in The Key of Immediate Enlightenment series or the deeply compassionate poems contained in Silent Tears, gems of wisdom are always revealed.

        In the list of books that follow, available volume numbers for each language are indicated in parentheses.  For more information about obtaining these and other books, please see the “Obtaining Publications” section.

        The Key of Immediate Enlightenment:
        Aulacese(1-15), Chinese(1-10), English(1-5), French(1-2), Finnish(1), German(1-2), Hungarian(1), Indonesian(1-5), Japanese(1-4), Korean(1-11), Mongolian(1,6), Portuguese(1-2), Polish(1-2), Spanish(1-3), Swedish(1), Thai(1-6) and Tibetan(1)
        The Key of Immediate Enlightenment-Questions and Answers:
        Aulacese(1-4), Chinese(1-3), Bulgarian, Czech, English(1-2), French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian(1-3), Japanese, Korean(1-4), Portuguese, Polish and Russian(1)
        Special Edition/Seven-Day retreat in 1992:
        English and Aulacese
        The Key of Immediate Enlightenment-Special Edition/1993 World Lecture Tour:
        English (1-6) and Chinese (1-6).
        Letters Between Master and Spiritual Practitioners:
        English (1), Chinese (1-3), Aulacese (1-2), Spanish (1)
        My Wondrous Experiences with Master:
        Aulacese (1-2), Chinese (1-2)
        Master Tells Stories:
        English, Chinese, Spanish, Aulacese, Korean, Japanese and Thai.
        Coloring Our Lives:
        Chinese, English and Aulacese.
        God Takes Care of Everything—Illustrated Tales of Wisdom from The Supreme Master Ching Hai: Aulacese, Chinese, English, French, Japanese and Korean
        The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Enlightening Humor —Your Halo Is Too Tight! Chinese and English.
        Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice:
        Chinese, English and Aulacese
        God’s Direct Contact—The Way to Reach Peace:
        Chinese and English
        Of God and Humans—Insights from Bible Stories:
        Chinese and English.
        The Realization of Health—Returning to the Natural and Righteous Way of Living: Chinese and English.
        I Have Come to Take You Home:
        Arabic, Aulacese, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mongolian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian and Russian
        Combined volume of Aulacese/English/Chinese, Spanish/Portuguese, French/German, Japanese/English, Korean/English,  Chinese and English.
        The Supreme Kitchen (1)—International Vegetarian Cuisine:
        Combined volume of  English/Chinese, Aulacese and Japanese
        The Supreme Kitchen (2)—Home Taste Selections:
        Combined volume of English/Chinese
        One World...  of Peace through Music:
        Combined volume of English/Aulacese/Chinese.
        A Collection of Art Creations by The Supreme Master Ching Hai:
        English and Chinese
        S.M. Celestial Clothes:
        Combined volume in English and Chinese
        The Dogs in My Life:
        Aulacese, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Polish and German
        The Birds in My Life:
        Aulacese, Chinese, English, French, German, Mongolian, Russian, Korean and Indonesian The Noble Wilds:
        Aulacese, Chinese, English, French and German
        Celestial Art:
        Chinese and English
        Thoughts on Life and Consciousness
        A book by Dr.  Janez Drnovšek: available in Chinese

        The Key of Immediate Enlightenment Free Sample Booklet
        The Key of Immediate Enlightenment Sample Booklet presents an introduction to the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai.  The availability of the Booklet in electronic form allows readers around the world to download it completely free of charge, or read it online wherever the Internet is accessible. From Afrikaans to Zulu, from Bengali to Urdu, in Macedonian, Malay and many others, this gem has been translated into over 74 languages.

        In the Booklet Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes the importance of meditation in daily life.  The text also includes Her discourses on the higher spiritual dimensions and the benefits of the vegan diet, as well as information on initiation into the Quan Yin Method of meditation, the ultimate and highest spiritual path.  Supreme Master Ching Hai’s uplifting insights in The Key of Immediate Enlightenment offer a bright ray of hope to those in quest of the Truth.

        As Supreme Master Ching Hai states, “By attaining inner peace we will attain everything else.  All the satisfaction, all the fulfillment of worldly and Heavenly desires comes from the Kingdom of God, the inner realization of our eternal harmony, our eternal wisdom and our almighty power.  If we do not get these we never find satisfaction no matter how much money or power, or how high a position we have.”

        For direct access to the Sample Booklet, please visit:
        This website offers versions of Master’s Sample Booklet in many languages. Join us in bringing the best gift to the world through sharing God’s message and elevating human consciousness.  If you find that your native or first language is not on our list and you would like to translate the Booklet into a language of your choice, please contact us at: divine@ Godsdirectcontact.org.

        Free Sample Booklet Download:
        http://sb.godsdirectcontact.net (Formosa)
        http://www.Godsdirectcontact.org/sample/ (U.S.A.)
        http://www.direkterkontaktmitott.org/download/index.htm (Austria)

        Obtaining Publications

        All publications are offered at near-cost prices.  If you want to purchase or order a pub¬lication, please check first with your local Center or contact person for availability.  To obtain a list of available publications, you can check with your local Center or visit the following website:

        In addition, many of the online News magazine issues provide lists of recently released books and tapes.  The exhibit area at retreats is also an excellent place to get a firsthand view of Master’s books, tapes, pictures, paintings and jewelry.

        If necessary, you may order directly from the headquarters in Formosa, address: P.O.  Box 9, Hsihu, Miaoli, Formosa, ROC (36899).  A detailed catalog is also available upon request.

        Quan Yin WWW Sites
        God’s direct contact—The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association’s global Internet site:

        Access a directory of Quan Yin web sites worldwide, available to browse in many languages, as well as the 24-hour TV program, A Journey through Aesthetic Realms.  You can download or subscribe to The Supreme Master Ching Hai News, available in eBook and printable formats.  Multilingual editions of The Key of Immediate Enlightenment sample booklet are also available.

        Poetry Collections
        Silent Tears: A book of poems by Master Available in German/French, English/Chinese, and Aulacese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Filipino

        Wu Tzu Poems: A book of poems by
        Master Available in Aulacese,
        Chinese and English

        The Dream of a Butterfly: A book of poems by
        Master Available in Aulacese, Chinese and

        Traces of Previous Lives: A book of poems by
        Master Available in Aulacese, Chinese and

        The Old Time: A book of poems by
        Master Available in Aulacese,
        Chinese and English.

        Pebbles and Gold: A book of poems by
        Master Available in Aulacese, Chinese
        and English

        The Lost Memories: A book of poems by Master Available in Aulacese, Chinese and English Beyond the Realm of Time (song performance in Aulacese): CD and DVD A Touch of Fragrance (song performance in Aulacese by celebrated singers): CD

        That and This Day (poetry recitation in Aulacese): CD Dream in the Night (song performance in Aulacese): CD and DVD T-L-C, Please (song performance in Aulacese): CD Please Keep Forever (poetry recitation in Aulacese): CD Songs and Compositions of The Supreme Master Ching Hai: (CD) English,  Aulacese, Chinese

        The Song of Love: (DVD) Aulacese and
        English Good Night Baby: (CD) in

        The Jeweled Verses (poems by distinguished Aulacese poets with recitation in Aulacese): CDs 1, 2 and DVDs 1, 2

        The Golden Lotus (poetry recitation in Aulacese): CD and DVD

        We invite you to listen to the recitation of Venerable Thich Man Giac’s beautiful poetry through the melodious voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who also recites two of Her own poems, “Golden Lotus” and “Sayonara”.

        An Ancient Love (poetry recitation in Aulacese): CD and DVD

        Traces of Previous Lives (poetry recitation in Aulacese): Audio tapes and CDs 1, 2 and 3, DVDs 1 and 2 (with  subtitles in 17 languages)

        A Path to Love Legends: Audio tapes and CDs 1, 2 and 3; video tapes 1 and 2 (poems by distinguished Aulacese poets; recitation in Aulacese)

        * The poems “A Path to Love Legends,” “An Ancient Love,” “Beyond the Realm of Time,” “Dream in the Night,” “Please Keep Forever,” “That and This Day,” “Traces of Previous Lives,” “The Jeweled Verses,” “The Golden Lotus” and “T-L-C, Please” recited or set to music and sung by the poet herself.

        Audio tapes, video tapes, MP3s, CDs and DVDs of The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures, music and concerts are available in Arabic, Armenian, Aulacese, Bulgarian, Cambodian, Cantonese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sinhalese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Zulu.  Catalogs will be sent upon request.  All inquiries are welcome.
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