• Chapter 5. Immediate Global Shift to a Plant-Based Diet > IV. NGOs Promote the Vegan Movement
      • IV. NGOs Promote the Vegan Movement

        The best way for NGOs to help is if all of you actively, together, encourage the number one solution, and the most effective —that is, the vegan diet—to halt global warming, because we don’t have much time now to wait for the green technology to even take effect. Even then, the green technology also takes more time even to install.

        So the veg diet is the number one [solution] because the meat industry emits the most heat-trapping greenhouse gas for our planet, and pollution even—more than 50%.140 Imagine if we eliminate more than 50% of harmful gas, and then our planet at least cools off more than 50% almost immediately.

        If we go into organic farming methods, all the tillable land on the planet, if we use it all for organic farming, then that in turn also absorbs 40% of the CO2 in the atmosphere as well.141 So altogether combine this, we will cool the planet in no time. This is not anything mysterious or superstitious; it is all scientific. It’s all proven and it’s all clear.

        So, it is you and your talents to organize, inform and speak out that I rely on to get the governments’ attention at the Copenhagen climate change meeting. Please do your best. And the government can further amplify this solution after hearing you out.

        The NGOs know well how to start the constructive movements in the world. They are very, very essential and very important to our planet. All the NGOs are very, very important to humanity and to our survival as well once they start the action. And at this point, it takes all the efforts and all the NGOs, governments, media, the public, every single individual, to get involved.

        Our planet is a house that is burning. If we don’t work together with a united spirit to put out the fire, we will not have a home anymore. One-hundred percent of the world’s people must be veg soon to save the planet.

        We can keep the emission goals, but must expand them and prioritize them wisely. First and foremost, eliminate the single largest source of human-caused methane; namely, livestock. Stop animal production, then we will stop global warming—very simple, because global warming is caused by animal products. That’s it, very simple, straightforward, nothing mysterious, nothing difficult.

        To be honest, as the plans are going right now, we can’t save the planet. It will be too late the way we are doing now; it will be too late to save our world. So we have to be veg first and that is also to go green at the same time. And then any other green technology, we will have time to develop and install.

        And even a heavenly world we will have because being veg changes everything drastically, from the environment to people’s mentality, to the standard of our world and to having peace in the world, to eliminate hunger, to have brotherhood truly for humankind.

        With temperatures stabilized, ecosystems balanced, animals thriving in peace and humans finding new health and happiness and incredible new inventions, our life will become a dreamlike Heaven as never imagined before.

        Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Members
        promoting the vegan solution during COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009.

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