For whatever reason, we should think in terms of a broader sense of universal brotherhood and not think in terms of our family, our country, our religions, or our group, or our continent even. It’s time. It’s time that people have to think in, at least in the world, in the whole world sense, not in terms of country and border and tight little corner of the globe anymore, okay? (Yes, Master.)

We have to live in the universal law – that is the principle of love. We have to act, live, speak always in this principle, then nothing can go wrong at all because only love should be preached, should be upheld, should be worshipped, nothing else. No country, no religion, really, okay? (Yes, Master.) What is the use of having the greatest religion in the world and conquer everybody and force everybody to believe in your faith and your religion, using violence to do it, or against the people’s willingness in the heart? You see what I mean? (Yes, Master.) Yes.

Any religion should represent love, nothing else; and if that’s lacking, nothing really justifies anything, okay? (Yes, Master.) Right, love. Thank you. Master mentioned that we should teach our children this loving principle so we can prevent wars, but what about the leaders today who are already adults? And if only they could change their perception as Master has just described, maybe there could be peace soon. Do you think this is possible, Master? You pray.

We’re doing our best and we have to wait for the whole world’s consciousness to change. The concept must change. People are really ready, you know? People are ready. The majority of people are ready for a higher leap into higher dimension, higher consciousness, higher style of living. It’s just somehow some little bad karma (retribution) somewhere that puts some leaders on some mighty seats, and so deciding for the lot of the people. You understand? So now we have to change. The people have to decide to change for themselves. For example, if they change to the vegan diet, then even if they’re bad, the leader will change. Or he will be replaced, okay?

That’s amazing, Master. Yes. Yes. People must listen to themselves. People must think in the right way and listen to themselves because, in a way, everyone is a “country,” everyone is a “kingdom.” If everyone decides to go in the righteous direction, then the energy of the whole world will change. And no matter how bad the leader is, he will change. Thank you, Master. Yes, I told many stories about kings before.

There was a king and he was so virtuous and his country was so peaceful and rich, and everybody loved him. And then the neighbor king was very envious because the king had so many precious things, so he wanted to take over his country, the virtuous king’s country. And the virtuous king, because of wanting to avoid the suffering for the people at war, so he gave up his kingdom to the new king and he just left; he went into the forest. And later on… what happened? That king somehow heard about the story and then he changed his heart, and then he returned the kingdom to him, and even accepted him as his teacher or something like that. Remember? (Yes, Master.)

We just always have to act in the principle of love, nothing else matters because… listen: today I can sit on the throne, tomorrow I’ll be gone. Today, I have my country, tomorrow I might not, but love will always prevail. And if we live in love, we act in love, we die in love, we will always incarnate in love, okay? And then, if we don’t have this country, we will have another country; if we don’t have this body, we will have another body. And we have a better body, we have a better country all the time, if not here, then in Heaven. All right? Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. Yes, I repeat again:

killing is never right, neither humans nor animals. And war is never, never right. (Yes, Master.) Okay, right. We just pray that the countries and leaders and people will be awakened to this wisdom you have just shared with us. Thank you. Good prayer. Yes. Because the leaders, if they are so attached to their position and their opinion, and they cause suffering to anybody of any kind, then their bad karma (retribution) is too heavy, too heavy. I mean, even if you gain the whole kingdom, even if you are king of the biggest nation, how long can you keep it?

But the bad karma (retribution) will be with you forever. And when you die, my God, nobody there will help you, except your bad karma (retribution) you have to pay, except your terrible retributions are waiting for you. The leaders, if they realize that, they would never raise a finger against any neighbor country. (Yes, Master.) Even the enemy country, they will find a way to negotiate, to dialog so that things will become ironed out and better and peaceful for both countries, because war will always cost lives – lives of the people, the elderly, the innocent, the women, not just the men. (Yes, Master.)

Not just the enemy, the innocent people, the one who is caught in between, the one who does nothing wrong against anybody. They just go around their business, taking care of their family and then they just die because the bomb drops on their head, because the cannon destroys their village, and things like that. War is never lucrative. War is never good, never justified. (Yes, Master.) Okay. Thank you, Master. You’re welcome, love. Hi, Master. (Hi, love.) Thank you so much for being with us here again today. I’m very happy for it. (Me too, love.) I have a few questions regarding the previous questions that were asked. (Yes.) Like, Master said that when we gossip and when we talk nonsense, we lose merit, but what happens when we talk about God or recite the Holy Names.

That’s good, that’s good. Yes, of course! That’s what I told you always to do. You see, you earn merit for yourself, and you bless the people and the environment around you. Does it in any way reverse the effect of… like, let’s say we gossip and then we try to revert our focus to God.

Understand. Of course it helps. It helps to clean up somehow. It helps, but you still lost what you have lost. Understand. If you can afford it, go ahead. I told you I gossip sometimes. Forgive me. Okay, understand, Thank you, Master.

You’re welcome, love. Also regarding killing, this thought came to my mind that sometimes when you have animal companions and… (Yes.) Sorry. Sometimes they… I understand. That there’s no cure for the animals and they euthanize them, right? Right! Thank you. Okay, then you have to talk to the doctor, and then you be with the animals to the last second and tell him that you have to do this, it’s for his own good because he’s in too much pain and there’s nothing much to cure him. And pray for him, talk to him, love him, tell him that you love him, and pray for him. Then it’s going to be okay. Do we still have to take some bad karma (retribution) for that? Yes.

But you didn’t do it from the bad or violent intention. You do it out of love, then, it’s the very minimum, okay? The bad karma (retribution) is very minimum. Understand. That’s what I thought. The thing is, your dog will understand you. For example, your dog will understand you and love you and forgive you and Heaven forgives you. You get it? I understand. Thank you. The point is you forgive yourself in your heart, yes? Yes, Master.

Yes, Master. All right. Thank you. I think that will help a lot of people to know that. Yes. All right. And then onto my next question: Should we make an effort and try to be raw or breatharian even if it doesn’t feel easy for us? Would it still be good and necessary? Yeah, it would be good, but you cannot kill yourself. If you want to go raw or breatharian, then there are people who teach you how to do it. You see? Yes, Master. It would be easier if you have a coach to accompany you all the way and you try to see how long you can go. And if you cannot, then you cannot, okay? Understand. Yes.

Do what you can for health and environment, with caution and good guidance. I see. Thank you. Of course, anything less burdensome is good for us, yes? But it’s not the ultimate goal, please make no mistake. Meditation on the divine Light and Sound connects you to your highest Self and leads you to higher realms than just being breatharian alone. Being breatharian alone or raw alone is not the ultimate goal that you must reach, and it doesn’t enable you to go to the Fifth Level by being breatharian alone.

You have to meditate. I don’t mean meditation as meditation, I mean the connection with Heaven through the Light and the Sound at the time of initiation – that connection you must have, okay? Yes, Master.

And then you have to strengthen it every day by meditation. Meditation bedeutet nicht, mit gekreuzten Beinen dazu- sitzen. Es bedeutet sitzen, um einfach still zu sein; es ist die tägliche Verbindung, die wir haben müssen. Just like every day we must earn some money to live, every day we must breathe, every day we must do something to nourish the body, every day we must meditate to get nourishment for the soul.

We have to be connected to Heaven, to our divine Selves, otherwise we’ll be burdened, we’ll be lost in this world, we’ll be overwhelmed by the negative power, by the heavy atmosphere of this world, and then we cannot go Home again. Do you understand me? Yes, Master. Okay. So, breatharian, raw, waterian, whatever you do, if you feel fine with it, please do it, but don’t forget to meditate on the Light and the Sound because that is your Self, that is the connection with your higher Self. You have to keep the connection. Got it? Yes, Master. Thank you very much for clarifying that.

I have to be concrete. For example, a person who doesn’t do any meditation on the Light and Sound or anything, just becomes breatharian, then he will not reach the Fifth Level. You got me? Yes, Master.

Maximum is about the Fourth, if he does some other meditation as well, but breatharian alone won’t get you anywhere above the third level, you hear me? I understand. All right. So, do what you like, it’s your life, but be connected with your original Self, with the Light and the Sound – that is God-self, that is your Self. Yes, Master. Thank you. You’re welcome.