Hallo, I’m honored to be in this exchange and it’s an opportunity that I enjoy. (Hi, love.) My name is Ray Fred. (Hi.) Many people say that we can just stop eating beef and we can switch to chicken and fish instead, and lower our emissions. What would you respond to somebody considering that as a choice? You agree to that, sir? No, I just hear a lot of it. How would I respond to someone who is going that route?

Switching to anything at all other than a purely plant-based diet will not really help at all. This is because of all the things I mentioned above and, first of all, eating both fish and chickens does not significantly reduce global warming at all. Eating chicken, for example. Chickens that are grown for food are a huge source of antibiotics, arsenic poison, and fertilizer runoff which increases pollution and the global warming effects. For example, in the United States alone, the Centers for Disease Control reports that 76 million cases of food-borne illnesses are reported each year with poultry – the chicken that you mentioned – triggering more cases than any other food group even.

Sometimes these are also life-threatening or they can leave permanent damage in the person. So, there really is no reduced cost for eating something like chicken. As for fish, over-fishing of the seas has already resulted in imbalances such as the so-called “dead zones” everywhere in the sea that do not support life. “Dead zone” is the area of the sea, sometimes as big as Texas, that there’s no life in there at all – no fish, no shrimp, nothing live in there because there’s no oxygen. The reason is over-fishing.

There’s another condition called “acidification” where the lack of certain fish has contributed to higher ocean acidity which, in turn, reduces the capacity of the ocean to absorb CO2. And the ocean is a very complex ecosystem where every living thing has a unique function, so removing even a small fish for humans to eat creates an imbalance in the sea. In fact, we are already seeing an effect of this imbalance on marine mammals. As the ocean becomes warmer and warmer and more acidic, more toxins are present in the water. The whales and dolphins are thus being driven from the ocean as conditions worsen. It is suffocating them.

Sometimes hundreds at a time, they’re dying on the beach because they cannot tolerate this toxic condition in the seawater anymore. What do we think, why the dolphins and the whales beach on the sand? You think they go there for vacation? They die hundreds at a time because they cannot suffer anymore the water in which they live. Water means life to them but now the water becomes poison so they have to go out. They go out, they die. They stay in the water, they die. They come to the beach, but it doesn't help them either. They die either way.

So, even though fish and chicken may not have the obvious carbon impact that other animals do, everything is interconnected; and there is no way to say that consuming these things results in lower carbon price to the Earth at all. (Thank you.) And, yes, sir, you know according to scientific research, chickens are very intelligent. They have DNA almost like humans. And fish as well. It has been proven that fish are also intelligent. They communicate with each other, they can talk. They lead a very, very organized, very, very intelligent life. Even ants are talking to each other, according to new scientific discovery. They talk to each other in such inaudible languages that it’s recorded by the sophisticated scientific apparatus.

So, even ants, they're intelligent. Look at the way they build their city and their palace; we could not do that compared to our size. They’re building like skyscrapers by their own hand only. But they talk to each other even. Even ants talk to each other, fish talk to each other. They do lead an intelligent life and they all have souls, consciousness, in them. Anything God puts on Earth is for a purpose. We should not kill anything. We should not eat anything except plant-based diet.

A vegetarian lifestyle is almost all that we need right now to stop the global warming, to balance the scale of the negative consequences. Even physically speaking, most of the pollution will be stopped by being vegetarian, by all the people on the planet being vegetarian. I really mean it. Eighty percent of the pollution will be stopped. Eighty percent of the global warming will be stopped if all people begin to be vegetarian – I mean, whole vegetarian, or at least more than two-thirds of the time should be vegetarian.

But why not just be vegetarian altogether? It won’t hurt. It will only do us good. It helps the world, it saves the planet and it saves our children. If we really love our children, this is what we must do, because the governments sometimes hesitate to broadcast to limit people to eat this or eat that. Maybe the governments are too polite. But consider the dangerous and urgent situation of our planet. This is the solution that’s the best, the fastest that we can do.

Meat diet consumes more energy, a lot, a lot more energy than vegetarian diet, and pollutes the planet much more than any other activities of humans, if not most of it. So a vegetarian lifestyle is a must. Truly, it is a must. I’m not speaking as a religious believer. I’m speaking as a citizen of the world, concerned about our home, loving our co-inhabitants, human and animal.

I’m speaking as your friend, as your co-citizen, as the one who lives in the same home that you do. Please be vegetarian, and go green. That we can do also, but go green takes a longer time and it does not help as much as being vegetarian. If you really want to know the truth of it, just go on the research, the scientific evidence on the internet, or look up on our Supreme Master Television or SupremeMasterTV.com. If you cannot look on your TV in your area, we have internet access 24 hours every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year.

Truly, we don’t need to talk about bad karma (retribution) or karmic consequences anymore. Physically speaking, vegetarian diet will save the planet: the fastest and the easiest and everyone can do it, and it’s so easy.

We have to stop killing people and stop killing animals. We also have to stop using insecticides and those substances that are terribly harmful to our health and the environment. And also, if we stop global warming, at least the gas will stay put where it is and do not release into the atmosphere. Also, it will not increase due to animal-raising. Because livestock raising, animals breeding, is the #1 cause of damage to our planet, and it is going to destroy our world if we do not stop.

I really mean it. We have to stop this. We have to stop the killing. We have to stop the meat eating. We have to stop insecticides. We have to go organic. And vegetarian is a must. Otherwise, there will not be just the dead zone in the ocean. I repeat: otherwise, if we don’t do anything now, if we don’t be veggie and we don’t stop polluting our planet in many ways, then there will not be just the dead zones in the ocean, there will a dead planet. And we also will be dead beings, too. In four or five years’ time, the way it is, we cannot survive. Thank you, sir, for asking. Please do something.

Good evening, Master. Please accept all my gratitude. In the global warming flyer, it is stated: ''Due to overfishing and the loss of tens of millions of sardines, a vital chain, the waters of the southwest African coast are loaded with a toxic gas that bubbles from the bottom of the ocean, killing marine life on the surface. The size of the area is equivalent to that of the city of New Jersey (USA), and worsening the greenhouse effect.” What is the original nature of this gas? Thank you, Master.

Hallo. Hallo. Bonjour, Madamoiselle Araba. You came all the way from Cotonou, Benin (Yes, Master.) to be with us? You’re from Radio TOPKA, in Cotonou, Benin, right? (Yes, Master.) Thanks for coming to share with us your concern. It is very disturbing to know about the state of the waters off the western coast of your continent. You see, this poisonous gas that you are asking about is formed from the elements that create oceanic dead zones. Dead zones are exactly as they sound: they are areas of the ocean that are dead, the areas of the ocean that are unable to support any more life, which arise mostly from livestock feed agricultural pollution, as well as livestock manure running into the ocean, or some other kind of imbalance.