You are watching Words of Wisdom Rebroadcast of Live Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!” Lima,Peru - September 12,2009

MC (m): Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association cordially welcomes you to the event, “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!”

MC (f): We are grateful for your presence and for granting us your valuable time for this event of such importance to help find solutions to this phenomenon which is seriously threatening planet Earth.

MC (m): It is not a secret that the changes to the climate produced by global warming are creating serious problems for the ecosystems across the whole planet and particularly in Peru, which is just after Bangladesh and Honduras as the third most affected country, because of the huge vulnerability of Peru's bio-diversity.

MC (f): The causes are grave,very grave and innumerable because,actually, the melting of the glaciers, which is happening with increasing frequency, will inundate the coasts, and many other disasters will occur on land. So the question is: How can we solve global warming?

MC (m): For this very reason we have titled this conference “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!” because we will place the most emphasis and thought on making it so.

MC (f): We are grateful to all of you who have attended and we feel very honored that you have given us your valuable time for this important event.

MC (m): Before we continue, we would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation for our distinguished guests who have put aside some of their valuable time to join us today for this critical conference. We would like to thank Fabian Salazar Olivares, Chief of the Congress Protocol of the Republic; Joel Guevaara,Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine; Luis Bueno Quino, Mayor of Chosica; Felix Moreno Caballero, Mayor of Callao; and Mahesh Bachani, Secretary of the Indian Community in Lima SOS Event.

MC (f): We also will be graced by important dignitaries who have sent their good wishes and greetings to Master Ching Hai, sharing her concern regarding the climate change caused by global warming.

MC (m): The first message is from Ingrid Newkirk, Founder and President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the United States.

Ingrid Newkirk(f): Hallo, this is Ingrid Newkirk. I'm the President and Founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,PETA,and all our foreign affiliates. I want to greet everybody at the conference on “Global Warming: There is a Solution!” And yes,there is a solution. It's very simple and it's the message that Supreme Master Ching Hai puts out everywhere and PETA also puts out, and that is: be vegetarian! Pure vegetarian,because there's nothing else that you can do,no matter what car you drive - or no car at all - no matter if you recycle, whatever you do, nothing is more powerful in combating climate change and global warming than not eating animals and not stealing from them the products that they make for their own young.

That is what will preserve our aquifers, our great water resources; will stop major causes of pollution; will stop deforestation - with the forests being torn down now to make these atrocious modern factory farms where animals are treated in abysmally cruel ways. So I am sure that you are going to find solutions today and I urge every one of you to please go home with the message that being purely vegetarian is the best thing for the animals, the best thing for you and your health, for our children, and the best thing for the Earth. That will help with global warming and climate change. Thank you and all the best to every one of you.

MC (f): Thank you,Ms. Newkirk, for your support and your great work towards a vegan planet.

MC (m): The well-known author of the book “Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching,” Dr. Michael Greger, also sends his support via video. Dr. Michael Greger is also the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society International.

Dr. Michael Greger(m): Good morning. Greetings to all of you at the “Global Warming: There is a Solution!” conference in Lima,Peru. My name is Dr. Michael Greger. I'm the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at Humane Society International, speaking to you from our Washington D.C. offices. I'm also the author of the book “Bird Flu: Virus of Our Own Hatching,” which is available free, full text online,at

To help prevent future pandemics, we need to end the industrialized production of animals for food. Or,even better, as an editorial in the journal of the largest association of public health professionals in the world suggested, cease eating animals altogether. Now,in terms of protecting oneself during the current pandemic, we've known for 20 years that the immune function of vegetarians is superior to that of those eating meat. Researchers in 1989 at the German Cancer Research Center showed that although vegetarians and meat eaters have the same number of immune system cells, the white blood cells of vegetarians are twice as effective in destroying target cells. So that means not only cancer cells, but virus-infected cells as well. So a plant-based diet may protect against pandemic influenza both now and in the future. Be with God. Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you,Dr. Greger. We appreciate your thoughtful comments and concern for our animal co-inhabitants.

MC (m): Now Jesse White, Secretary of State of Illinois,USA, has a message for us.

Jesse White (m): I am Illinois Secretary of State,Jesse White,and I want to congratulate Supreme Master Ching Hai for her participation in this wonderful conference that's going to take place in Lima,Peru. It's important for the people of this world to know as much as they possibly can about global warming and its negative effects upon the environment. We,as citizens of the world, must do all we can to help our environment so that our future leaders, young people, will one day enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy life the way that we are enjoying it now. Only the best to the participants at this wonderful conference in Lima,Peru. And I want to thank you again for being a source of information and inspiration to us all. It's a win-win situation for the world when we share our thoughts and ideas about how we can best make the world a better place in which to live. Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you for taking time out of your day to send us this greeting.

MC (m): From Costa Rica, Jose Manuel Echandi Meza, Member of Parliament, also sends a message for our conference.

JM(m): I would like to thank Master for her effort to raise awareness in human beings about the care we should have towards all forms of life. And in this regard, I want to extend my best wishes to all of you to have great success in this event in Peru, and likewise, to achieve awareness through these activities on how meat consumption is strongly impacting the warming of our planet, and affecting life; not only the lives of the animals that are slaughtered, but also the lives of human beings that are in danger due to global warming.

Therefore, it is essential to do this. We would like to consume vegetarian food in order to avoid the fast increase of warming caused by humans, whereby forests are destroyed to cultivate pasture for livestock that are slaughtered afterwards, and where pollution due to consumption of meat is higher than carbon pollution on our planet. That's why I think the work that Master is doing is very noble,and it should not stop there. We must urge different government authorities to eliminate meat subsidies and the incentives for meat to justify something that is not justifiable at all, as is the slaughter of animals all over the planet, when actually, by consuming plants and grains we could feed the entire world population on this planet. Be veg! Go green! And save the planet!

MC(f): Thank you,sir, for your supportive and kind words.

MC(m): From across the world, David Román,President of the Vegetarian Union in Spain, sends his message for our conference.

DR(m): Hallo,I am David Román, President of the Spanish Vegetarian Union. Basically,what we want is to align ourselves with this initiative and to congratulate the organizers for the celebration of this event in Lima,Peru. From Spain, we send greetings, a message of support, and we want to give input too with our little contribution. Our association has been working for a couple of years to promote the vegetarian diet in our country. It has been proven time and again that most of the environmental problems that we are suffering and the health problems are problems that are apparently solvable but that are caused by the dependence humanity has on animal products.

This dependence has generated an enormous pressure on the resources of the planet and it is the main cause for its deterioration. This problem does have a solution. Climate change has a solution. The evolution toward a vegetarian diet, which is what we are proposing, will bring enormous benefits at all levels,both to the health of the people, as well as in moral and spiritual progress, and also in the conservation of the planet, which is suffering the consequences of our wrong habits.

The interest in how eating is impacting the environment has already caused Belgium to officially establish one vegetarian day a week in which everyone is encouraged to lead a vegetarian diet even if it is only that one day a week. This initiative has had an exceptional reception and it is to be extended to many other countries around the world. We believe that it is a very important step. It should serve as an example and motivate us to broaden this initiative. We encourage everyone to start this solution to the climate change problem through this modest initiative that will make people become more and more aware.

MC(f): Those were very wonderful messages from very caring people all over the world who are also concerned about the state of our planet, like every one of you here today. Thank you, Ms. Newkirk,Dr. Greger, the Honorable Jesse White and José Manuel Echandi Meza, and Mr. Román for sending your support and sharing your message with our viewers and everyone here today.

MC(m): We are very pleased to inform you that today's very meaningful event is being broadcast live on Supreme Master Television,a free to air television channel broadcasting 24/7 on 14 satellite platforms, covering 6 continents, 11 cable television channels, 18 websites and is also live broadcast on the website You can rely on Supreme Master Television for the truth about the climate crisis and for the latest information.

MC(f): We are also pleased to announce that we are being broadcast live on RBC Television, channel 11, Radio Latina 990,which is at frequency 990AM.

MC(m): When we think about Mother Earth,called the Pacha Mama in Peru, and all the beautiful attributes that she provides us, of all the range of natural nourishment, exuberant and beautiful vegetation, and the grand diversity of plants and handsome co-inhabitant friends - the animals, enchanting,faithful, and so meaningful in their habitat - we should feel very fortunate to live on this beautiful planet and guard it as the most precious treasure. Because really, it's our home.

MC(f): However,every day we see how this beautiful haven - where we live thoroughly enjoying the marvels of its climate, its eco-system and all the bounties that it provides to keep us healthy, vigorous,and happy - is being destroyed. More accurately, we are collaborating in its extinction.

MC(m): We have scientific information of these climate changes from much respected institutions,such as NASA and others. They are very worried because of the magnitude and rate with which they are occurring all over the planet and particularly in our country.

MC(f): The beauty of our glaciers, such as the Pastoruri Glacier - with tourist sites and emblems known all over the world for its vistas - today,at this moment, is dying,melting at an alarming rate. This was 8 meters a year in 1976,and today it has dramatically increased to 20 meters a year.

MC(m): On the other hand, in the higher elevations of our mountain ranges in the provinces of Puno, Cerro de Pasco and others, temperatures have dropped to lower than 15 degrees below zero, producing an intense cold which has taken countless victims.

MC(f): Peru is home to 70% of the world's tropical glaciers and the rising temperatures are causing the rapid melting of these giant glaciers of our beautiful snowy mountain range, also affecting countries such as Bolivia, Colombia,and Ecuador. While one scientific study shows that, in just five years, many of these could disappear, which would rob us in a short time of the water which is such an important element of our lives.

MC(m): Daily we can confirm news from media sources with dramatic reports of the global warming that devastates the whole planet, such as floods,droughts, earthquakes,tsunamis, sicknesses and plagues, environmental contamination,and the extinction of species of plants and animals.

MC(f): Next,we will show you a video with a very important message. The video is entitled “Dr. Rajendra Pachauri on the Impact of Meat Production and Consumption.”

MC(m): Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to present you our distinguished guests who will share their thoughts on this grave issue of global warming. First,we have Mrs. Cecilia Brack Mendiola, sociologist and author. She trains teachers in subjects related to the environment, management and consumption of natural resources. Mrs. Brack has written nine books on environmental education, management and climate change, conservation and environmental protection. Please give her a warm welcome applause.

Mrs. Cecilia Mendiola (f): It is a pleasure to be here with you, thank you very much for the invitation, and I'd really like to talk about global warming and the angle I would like to give to it is: “Global Warming: Opportunity to Change.” Global warming seen in the context of our relationship with nature and with our co-inhabitants on Earth should lead us to rethink the foundation of the relationship with the natural environment and the relationships we have with others, the way we perceive the natural world,and ourselves as part of it. This environmental crisis signals a profound disconnect in our view of the world and natural resources, and is upsetting concepts from various sciences, including economic sciences.

Therefore, the notion of “value” that societies distinguish between economic and non-economic assets is challenged, for example, in the issue of environmental pollution. This makes us ask whether air should remain a good that is not assigned economic,social, or environmental value. The same happens with the environmental services of water,basins, and forests. If we were to recognize that they have an economic,social, environmental value, we could find a point of support to reverse these processes.

Clearly,the major environmental problems of Peru that contribute to global warming have to do with the change in the use of land, the cutting and burning of trees, shifting agriculture, illegal logging, intensive agriculture, the artisanal mining, which results in the loss of wetlands. The other has to do with waste management. Because of our activities, due to the consumerism that we practice, which is managed inappropriately,the result is the emission of one of the most aggressive of gases - methane. However,in Peru, the most serious problem will be the lack of water… the depletion of water along the coast where most of the Peruvian population lives.

In addition to these problems we have poverty, lack of education and information, and in many cases, lack of responsibility in order to solve problems that affect human health and deteriorate the environment, and that demonstrates a detachment towards the natural resources which our own life depends upon. Perhaps,it has to do with our inability to feel that we are part of a global community, and the ignorance that ecosystems cannot absorb everything we generate, causing serious damages, and that ecosystems have a limit,and it seems that we are at that point. If we want to continue living on a planet that provides us life and well-being, which is a privilege, we cannot continue to trust in fate, ignorantly believing that resources and common goods are immutable and infinite.

On one hand, overconsumption and greed are depleting the natural environment. On the other hand, public policies, which pay no attention to poverty,abandonment and basic needs, deeply impact ecosystems. We cannot continue living with the idea of an opulent society as an example of well-being and a paradigm of development. Frugality and restraint should guide our lives. We must make extraordinary efforts to balance our relationship with the natural environment which, after all,sustains us.

We must feel that we are a part of this system and be responsible in our actions so as not to create disturbances in natural systems, using science and technology to find ways to live so that the byproducts of our lives do not exceed the capacity of the general ecosystem to process them: changing our lifestyles, saving water, planting trees, reducing our waste, reusing,recycling, eating organic products, focusing on just fruits and vegetables,avoiding the use of red meat; use clean energies at home, like energy-saving bulbs; healthy means of transportation; demand environmental commitments with long-term vision from our politicians; get informed and actively participate as motivators of change, i.e. build community. We should change the way we see the world in order to be able to change our attitude and our actions.

Begin to value “being” and not “having.” Find a way of life that does not look for a quick profit at any cost. This is a wake-up call from the great ecosystem that we are living in now, no? This leads us to re-define a way to live together in harmony with the environment. Nature has the formula, the search for permanent balance, with means of solidarity, compassion,and respect towards others, including natural resources. Small actions make a great difference.

Our responsibility is to sow environmental awareness in every person,and to look and use aesthetics to promote a life of balance, a culture that adapts to the requirements of the overall ecosystem, which is our home, the Earth. We must celebrate every day of our life and especially life on Earth; this planet is unique in the huge universe. Our greatest human achievement is summarized in the creation of the design of man, what we call humanity. A humanity in which we are all different; no being is the same as any other one. There are over 6.7 billion people living in this world - unique,perfect entities capable of great creations and also of the greatest disasters.

We have two choices: either to see each other as adversaries and destroy each other outright, or to look at each other in the eye and achieve communion. And so,look with love to give birth to a new being. This new revolution is taking place across the board, and by challenging the epistemological. We have to protect what we have achieved. There is a common root to the environmental problems. We have to take action in public policies and in individual actions, raising awareness about participation and the urgency to act. Thank you very much.

MC(f): Thank you so much for your wise message, Mrs. Mendiola.

MC(m): We now have the opportunity to present a well-known musician and actor from Argentina who is also a defender of animals and their rights - Mr. Nicolás Pauls. Let's put our hands together for him.

Mr. Nicolas Pauls (m): Hallo. I am Nicolás. I am Argentinean. I am a musician and an actor, as you've just heard. Seventeen years ago I was sitting with a friend talking on a street in Brazil, and I understood how unnecessary it was to kill animals to feed yourself. And from that moment on, many things changed in my life. Although it was a change that came from a time in the past, but at that point I really saw the light and this truth; and many doors and windows began to open for me. I think that everything that we do in life affects the way we live.

The Earth is also a living being, and whatever we do to it, whatever we take from it, the Earth receives it, acknowledges it and reacts to everything that we do to it. So I believe that is why we must be very aware of what each one of us does with his or her life and with the life of others, and with that of the life of the Earth as well. I received this invitation, which for me is a joy and a huge honor to be here with you. And I just want to share with you some ideas that relate to my view on what happens and what is happening.

Many years ago human beings started to devastate a planet which for millions and millions of years was in harmony, had maintained harmony. So we still have time,but we have little time left. We are in a critical moment. Before we thought and we said that there was still time to change some aspects related to the devastation of the planet by human beings. But now,definitely we don't have time left. Or maybe the time that we have left is very little. Therefore, we should use it, in principle, to change our side to nurture love towards every human being, to raise consciousness.

And when I say “raising consciousness,” I am thinking about looking at the other person with all the respect that all life deserves. I think,actually, everything we do in life unavoidably produces pain at some point. And the less pain we cause, the lighter we will go through this stage. Maybe the shirt that I am wearing today here was made at some place where those who worked to sew it, either worked in very unhealthy conditions of hygiene or their work was poorly paid,and perhaps that's something that I also read as injustice or pain.

Therefore, we need to be aware of every action in our lives. Because I cannot conceive of being satisfied when there is pain. Every little movement that we make has an effect in a different place. Therefore,I wonder, is it necessary to kill animals for food? Is it necessary to dress yourself with leather clothing?  No,definitely that is not necessary. In life, everything feeds and educates us. What we read, what we see, what we eat, what we listen to makes a person. In my case, for example,the records that I listened to, without a doubt, affect my way of playing. The books I read affect my way of talking,or the way I write. Therefore,why shouldn't the food we eat have an influence on the way we express ourselves? Food,in human behavior, has a critical place.

Hippocrates,who is perhaps the father of modern Western medicine said: “Let food be your nourishment,and let food be your medicine.” If you knew clearly how painful and suffering the life of an animal is, to only end up on a plate I believe that only someone who is not aware and heartless could eat them. I have often wondered what message of love and hope the human race can give when such a high percentage of the population is fed on corpses? The truth is that I do not know. Because it would seem that death and slaughter are the normal currency. We walk on the street and find posters where they promote meat and promote lives, it seems pain is not important for us anymore. It seems that it doesn't matter to many people.

There are few human beings throughout history who can be taken as an example,I think. I think everyone follows their own path - they have their doubts, their convictions, their certainties, their tribulations, and their errors. But I do believe that those who know that absolute truth, which is the respect for everything, for all living entities, we must communicate it. And if,in addition, we know it will change the course of a devastated planet, we must join forces with haste. And when we can see this, that path certainly has no return because we can no longer look back. On the contrary, I think that it increases with every step,and then we must begin to communicate the concept of a vegetarian world, because we know that by changing this idea, and this conception and by beginning to prioritize the respect for all living beings, we can return the air to the planet so it can breathe again. Thank you.

MC (f): Thank you, Mr. Nicolás Pauls, for your valuable message.

If you look at the entire commercialized meat cycle, let's start with the killing of the animal itself. It has to be preserved,