Planeten Jorden: Vårt Kärleksfulla Hem

Dr. Patrick Brown: Animal Agriculture = Inherently Unsustainable
Environmental Champion:Greenpeace International’s Guruswamy Ananthapadmanabhan
Animal Agriculture’s Generation of Deadly Black Carbon
Cameroon: Feeling the Heat of Climate Change (In Kamtok)
Cyprus: The Environmental Challenges of a Mediterranean Island
Green Your Roof to Uplift the Environment - P1/2
Biodiversity in Danger: The Cause and Solution - P1/2
Tomaž Ogrin: Animal Agriculture is Depleting Earth’s Resources (In Slovenian)
Climate Change: Endangering Mongolia (In Mongolian)
Timor-Leste: Feeling the Consequences of Climate Change
The 2010 Pakistan Floods: Another Climate Change Catastrophe (In Urdu)
Extreme Cold: Another Harmful Consequence of Climate Change
Dr. Joean Oon: Greening the Earth with the Garbage Enzyme
Climate Change in Africa: Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth International
Climate Change Consequences: Destructive Floods - P1/2
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