Förebilder av Framgångsrika Personer

First in Flight:The Wright Brothers
Dr. Marshall Nirenberg: Deciphering the Genetic Code
Modet och tron hos Civilrättskämpen Coretta Scott King
Dr. Sun Yat-sen: Philanthropic Founder of Modern China (In Chinese)
In Search of God - American Author and Naturalist Henry David Thoreau
Major Muhammad Abbas Ali: Pakistani Charity Walker & Founder of Muslim Welfare Centre (In Urdu)
The Eminent and Eloquent Dr. Carl Linnaeus: Swedish Naturalist & Founder of Scientific Classification (In Swedish)
George Enescu of Romania - A True Musical Wonder of the World (In Romanian)
A Better Quality of Life: The Soulful George Washington Carver, American Innovator & Educator
Nature’s Echoes – Japanese Poet Kenji Miyazawa (In Japanese)
Saint Hildegard of Germany – Sharing Benedictions through Creative Expressions (In German)
William Morris: British Avant-Garde Designer & Advocate of New Aesthetic Ideals
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