Mellan Mästare och Lärjungar - Breatharianism - Meet individuals who live without food 

Oberon C. Silva:Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism - P1/4 (In Portuguese)
Elitom ben Yisrael:Breatharianism for a Working Person - P1/3
Reine-Claire Lussier: Prana For a Busy Lifestyle - P1/4 (In French)
The Venerable Master Guang Qin: Food-free through Samadhi
Camila and Akahi:Expectant Breatharian Parents - P1/3 (In Spanish)
Isabelle Hercelin: Breatharianism as a Way of Life - P1/4
Victor Truviano: A Breatharian from Argentina - P1/3 (In Spanish)
Elitom Ben Yisrael:utmaningar förvandling till Luftarianism - P1/3
Dr. Christopher Schneider:A Breatharian Scientist - P1/4
Mony Vital: A Lifestyle of True Freedom - P1/2
Joachim Werdin:Experiencing a Breatharian Lifestyle - P1/3 (In Polish)
Henri Monfort: A Breatharian Shaman - P1/3 (In French)
Elitom Ben Yisrael: Living a Holistic, Breatharian Lifestyle P1/3
Camila Castillos:A Breatharian Artist and Dancer - P1/2
Master Liao Fong-Sheng:A Qigong Breatharian P2/3 (In Chinese)
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