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Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: The Significance of Trees to Life on Earth      
How do you teach or guide your initiates in their relationship with nature?

We respect nature. We respect the environment. We don’t destroy trees and forests or vegetation at random. And in many of our centers, we plant trees, we plant flowers, and beautify the environment as much as we can. And because we love nature, we don’t eat animals.

Recently, our world has a lot of disasters, like drought, and then dry climate and heated-up planet due to a lot of weather changing – because we have abused so many of the natural resources. As well as some of the disasters from nature, like burning forests, and then that reduces a lot of rain, and that in turn also heats up our planet, and then the more it heats up, the more dry; the more dry, the less trees; the less trees, the less rain; the less rain, the less trees – and this is the devil’s circle. And every corner of the Earth affects the whole planet. You can know it, you know it very well because recently the fires in Indonesia affected the whole of Singapore and Malaysia and the neighboring countries. So, actually, from these kind of “nature lessons,” we can tell that one person or one place of this planet will affect other parts of our planet.

Therefore, if you yourself – your heart, your mind, your speech, your action – are pure, how much more beneficial can it be to this planet? This is very logical. We have no need to argue or to demonstrate. Every place has its own atmosphere.

So, when you go into the funeral service or hospital, you feel different from when you go into a church. Is that not so? (Yes.) Or, when you go into the slaughter house, where all the animals are killed for meat, you will feel different. I don't know if you can feel, but I feel. Do you feel? Can you feel? (Yes.) Yes, of course.

The thing about disasters is that they are largely caused by humans. Thus, humans are also able to reverse the conditions from which disasters are born, and then no need for the plants or the animals to warn us. But, of course, you can communicate with the animals or the plants if you want, but we have to calm our mind first. Our mind is too pre-occupied, too crowded by problems, anxieties, and many other things – necessary or unnecessary – so we cannot hear the animals or the plants.

It is true that I could communicate with the animals and the plants as well. Not that I deliberately seek the communication for fun or just for chatting, sometimes they just come to me to warn me of some event, to try to protect me from danger, or warn me from some unfavorable situation or people,, or ask me for help. Now, everybody can do that, but first, we must calm our mind. And in order to have the communication with the plants or the trees or the animals, first we must learn to protect them. Then we can be like friends, because friends trust friends. If we don't have this trust between ourselves and the environment – the trees, the plants and the animals – through our protecting attitude, then it's more difficult to have a conversation with them. It's like family members or neighbors or friends – if we have a good relationship between us then we communicate well. Otherwise, we don't even want to think of that person because it's so scary to us or so untrustworthy to us. How we would even have a conversation with them?

So, in order to communicate with plants or trees or animals, we must also be their friends first, you see? So, being vegetarian means being a friend of nature. For example, now, right now, I try to avoid even killing plants or flowers. I take only the fruits that they’re willing to offer. The fruit will not harm the plant, and the seed will continue to help other plants, or other trees if we plant it from the seeds. So the vegetarian diet is a very good way to begin to try to communicate with nature and animals on a higher level.

And it is very crucial right now to halt global warming because of the methane gas, but also on a deeper level, to halt the suffering and killing of our co-inhabitants, the animals, and in turn consequently, killing also plants and trees and the environment. In the law of the physical universe is the principle known as “cause and effect.” If we kill, we have to expect the same in return. So, all this slaughtering, massacring of the animals, has an effect on us – sometimes quicker, sometimes slower. The effect, we’re seeing right now – all the disasters that happen around our planet. But since they are entirely avoidable, what we need to do is to focus on the real solution and take the reverse action, meaning be vegan, go green, to save our planet.

We would like to invite Master to share some more of your words of wisdom and advice for us and the world. The best advice, honey, is from examples. I think we have plenty of wisdom from Mars, from Martians, from what happened to them and what we’ve discovered, telepathically as well as scientifically. They have discovered that Mars is all barren and uninhabitable, but they’ve also discovered that, long ago, there was water there. Water means life-supporting. So what has happened to all these bodies of water? That is a very, very important question for us. So from Mars we can learn to prevent such disaster, that it might not ever happen to our planet.

So my advice is just look to Mars, and don’t forget: don’t forget that we have a very beautiful home here for us and for our children and for grandchildren, great-great grandchildren. It’s a beautiful place, physically speaking, and it has all the conditions to sustain life. And it offers us so much, so much – so much fun, so much beauty, so much love.

And even though it’s a temporary home, it’s a very good home for practicing spiritually, for rekindling our wisdom within and for practicing to be a higher and nobler being. So, it’s a nice place to sojourn for as long as our time permits, at least to develop spiritually, or if not, just enjoy it; just enjoy the scenery, enjoy what we have here. We have exquisite flowers. We have exotic birds. We have incredible animals. We have amazing trees, mountains, and great bodies of water which sustain so much life, and energies and nourishing all beings, and it’s such a beautiful place. If we just walk out everywhere and look at the trees – imagine one day they’re all gone! And smell the flowers quick before maybe they’ll be gone soon.

Touch the grass because maybe it will be also gone soon. Imagine if all this beautiful scenery, vegetation, humans, animals, imagine if they are all gone. How would you feel? So we have to protect this beautiful place we call Earth because this is the home of not just us but many other species – and the environment, beautiful flora and fauna.

It’s really an incredible place. It took trillions of years to manifest such a planet, and it takes many, many meritorious, virtuous deeds of human beings or animals or other beings alike in order to garner into this energy in order to manifest such kind of planet like this. It’s not a gift that you can buy and offer it to someone. It’s not a toy that we can use and discard tomorrow. It’s not an item, that if we have trillions of dollars we can buy it. However much money we have, we cannot buy this planet. It’s so exquisite, it’s so special, so unique, so beautiful.

Not every planet is as beautiful as our planet, even though we have more beautiful planets. But not all of them are as beautiful as our planet, so beautiful like this. Some planets are not as beautiful. The peopled planets – not all are as beautiful as this. I wish I can make everybody understand what I’m talking about. I wish I can wake them all up and we just turn around – and that’s it! We can save the planet! All we do is just be vegetarian. Nothing else is really important anymore. Just being vegetarian, you can save the planet overnight, just like that! And I wish everybody really listens.

Okay guys, thanks for your time and thanks for all you are doing. I want everybody to know that we still can save the planet. We still can. We still have some time, but we have to turn around quick. Because we are going in the destructive direction right now. If we just turn around, then it becomes constructive again, positive again. Very simple. If we don’t head north, then we’re going south. Turn around and we’ll go north, if that’s where we want to go.

I’m sorry I have no more bigger words or impressive words or incredible sentences to conclude our meeting or that I could impress people of the planet or convince them in any way, but I just hope they feel what I say is the truth and sincere, and I truly wish them to continue to have the planet and to save the planet for the future generations. Thank you, all of you. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Master.

  Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Organic Farming Restores the Healthy Balance of the Planet 
 From Sikhism's Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib: Guru Nanak, Pages 17-19 

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