Rwandan officials announce a new plan that seek to plant 68 million trees within a year - 13 Nov 2011  
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Rwandan officials announce a new plan, to be launched November 19, 2011, that seeks to plant 68 million trees within a year, an effort that will help fulfill the country's commitment to becoming one of the most forested lands in the world. ,

The National Geographic News reports on November 8, 2011 that with only 400 remaining in the wild due to drought, habitat loss and unrestricted hunting, extinction looms for the East African antelope known as the hirola, which would mean the end of not only its species but an entire genus of animals of this kind.

On November 7, 2011,experts warned that Bangkok, Thailand, which is currently suffering from massive flooding, could sink entirely below sea level in coming decades owing to factors including climate change-induced ocean level rise as well as a shrinking groundwater table is causing the land
to collapse.,