Scientists in India appeal for protection of stork populations, whose numbers are severely dwindling - 12 Nov 2011  
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In an effort to save stork populations, whose numbers are severely dwindling, scientists in India's Assam state appeal in November 2011 for protection of the less than 1,000 birds known to exist by asking citizens to save the trees they inhabit and regard them as they would their own children.

To reverse an alarming rate of deforestation due to daily firewood use, the Green Africa Foundation launches Kenya's Wangari Green Corners project, with a goal of planting 5.6 million trees within one year of November 2011 in tribute to the late Kenyan environmentalist and Nobel laureate, Dr. Wangari Maathai.

Some 12,000 citizens, including renowned activist Dick Gregory and climatologist Dr. James Hansen, rally the first weekend of November 2011 in Washington DC, USA as they call for the government to halt a pipeline that would transport oil from Canadian tar sands to southern US Gulf refineries, due to its harmful effect on people, animals and the environment.