New Zealand opposes Japanese whaling plans - 8 Oct 2011  
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New Zealand opposes Japanese whaling plans.
Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully announced on Tuesday, October 4 that his country has joined in support of Australia’s legal initiative made last year in the International Court of Justice to halt Japanese whaling.

With Japan stating that the practice would resume this year in December, Minister McCully warned that the nation could become isolated from the international community if her government proceeds with such disrespect for the strong concerns expressed by the people of Australia and New Zealand.

He also warned that lives may be put at risk if there were a confrontation, especially given the peaceful but unyielding stance of organizations such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which last year was successful in helping end the killing season early, saving the lives of an estimated 800 whales.

We thank Minister McCully, the people of New Zealand and Australia, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and all others for your concern and courage in standing up to save these precious marine mammals.

Blessed be such concerted actions in bringing all gentle co-inhabitants on Earth the dignity and peace they so deserve. During a 2009 videoconference in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai, who has expressed sorrow many times about the plight of the whales, spoke of their sentience and nobility, as well as their vital role for humanity’s own survival.

These animals, they were born here in order to balance it, to help us to fill in the void of love that we lost through our inconsiderate actions. But sadly, we kill them. We kill our benefactors, just because we are blind. If we can contact some of the best animal telepathic communicators, they will tell you that whales are the greatest love.

I have told about the different quality of love of different animals, and whales and seals are one of the few “number ones” in loving power.  So, if we kill these beings we’re really killing ourselves.

Now, if we let them live, then they will be able to bring back to Earth the powerful, unconditional love, and they do their noble mission knowingly.

Extra News
Seeking to reduce emissions and prepare for diminishing oil reserves, US President Barack Obama on October 6, 2011 announced his support of a loan guarantee program to assist clean energy companies, saying that the investment risks are far outweighed by benefits such as new jobs and sustainable technology advances.