Study shows that the majority of humankind's historical crises linked to climate change - 7 Oct 2011  
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University of Hong Kong geographer Dr. David Zhang publishes a new report on October 4, 2011, which concludes that the majority of humankind's historical wars, epidemics and economic downturns were directly linked to climate change.

With no signs of rain for the previous 200 days, a state of emergency is declared at the end of September 2011 for nearly 75% of the municipalities in the Mexican state of Durango, as drought and water storage levels fall to 30% of capacity.

The Indonesian government announces on October 3, 2011 that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is joining Greenpeace in a campaign to save from deforestation the tree-canopied regions that are home to Sumatran tigers and elephants, both considered to be the sacred guardians of the forest.,