950,000 trees could succumb due to this year’s flooding along the Missouri River - 28 Sep 2011  
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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources stated on September 20, 2011 that 950,000 trees could eventually succumb, due to oxygen deprivation of their root systems during this year’s flooding along the Missouri River, with soil erosion from the loss of the trees also increasing vulnerability to future floods.


In the 2011 State of Britain’s Mammals, published on September 25, 2011, experts at Oxford University report that more conservation efforts are needed as populations of animals such as hedgehogs continue to drop, while red squirrels have become nearly extinct.


CNN reports on September 20, 2011 that protesters gathered in Pennsylvania, USA, calling for a moratorium on opening the Delaware River region to the process of hydraulic fracturing for extracting natural gas, saying that its toxic chemicals pollute underground water sources, causing illnesses, gas leaks and even igniting tap water.  


On September 20, 2011, British aid agency OXFAM stated that 3 million people face hunger in Afghanistan due to a year-long drought as it called on donors to be able to deliver food and water before winter conditions prohibit travel.