Illegal drug users in Russia to be charged with a criminal offense. - 4 May 2011  
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With an estimated 2.5 million Russians addicted and 30,000 who die annually to heroin alone, President Dmitry Medvedev has declared the situation a national disaster and along with administration members is overseeing the creation of new laws to reduce drug abuse.

Most recent proposals include compulsory treatment for addicts, while those convicted of minor crimes would have the choice of either jail time or detox and rehabilitation.

As first-time users are now as young as 11 or 12 years of age, President Medvedev has instructed Russian legislators to draft bills to implement grade school drug testing. 

He also suggested expelling drug-using college students, permitting employers to fire workers who use illegal drugs, and imposing more stringent penalties for clubs and web sites that allow the purchase of drugs.

Our respectful appreciation for Your Excellency's determined efforts to safeguard the clear-minded health of the public. May such caring endeavors be an inspiration throughout Russia and the world to speed the day that all may enjoy fulfilling and intoxicant-free lives.,
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