US company voluntarily discontinues manufacture of lethal injection drug - 25 Jan 2011  
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US company voluntarily discontinues manufacture of lethal injection drug. Hospira, the only US company to make the substance that is often used for capital punishment in the United States, has announced that it is halting production. Officials from Hospira said the drug, sodium thiopental, was originally intended to be used as an anesthetic in hospitals. However, the company is not able to control who buys the product. Although Hospira had planned to move its production to a facility in Italy, the Italian government expressed concerns over being unable to ensure that the substance would not be used for lethal injection of inmates. A Hospira spokesperson said, “We cannot take the risk that we will be held liable by the Italian authorities if the product is diverted for use in capital punishment.”

Many thanks, Hospira for this lifesaving decision as we also salute the Italian government for your caring stance of concern. May steps such as these hasten our heralding of a global society where mercy and respect are shown for all life.
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