Oberom C. Silva:Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism - P3/4 (In Portuguese)    
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This program discusses the possibility of breatharianism, or living without eating food, and is not a full instruction. For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance. For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance.

Today’s Between Master and Disciples – “Oberom C. Silva: Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism” – will be presented in Portuguese with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech-Slovak, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

In scriptures, the human body is often referred to as the temple of God. Yet, it is quite an uncommon privilege for any soul to attain this sacred abode that houses the Divine, as it is truly a blessing to be reborn as a human being. On several occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about the rarity of this phenomenon:

To be reincarnated in the human world is hard. You have to have enough Human Quality. You have to have affinity with the parents and with the society, with the people around which you are born. Very difficult. To be a human, you need some merit. You have done something good in the past in order to be able to pick a human birth.

As a living temple of God, the human body is fully equipped with miraculous wonders that can be awakened in those who are spiritually conscious and have complete faith in the Creator of all life. Inedia, Latin for “fasting,” is the human ability to live without food. Since time immemorial, there have always been individuals who can sustain themselves on prana, or the vital life force. Through the grace of the Providence, inediates, people who follow a food-free lifestyle, can draw the energy from nature to nourish themselves:

They live on the chi from the ground, or from the forest, and from the sun and from the air. They make use of all that. Or they live on love, on faith alone. These individuals are known as breatharians (pranarians or inediates), solarians, or waterians, and they come from all walks of life, from different cultures, and all corners of the world.

Indeed, the possibilities and miracles in this life as our benevolent Creator has designed for us are endless; we only need to connect within to recognize our abounding largess as God’s children. Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly recommended a weekly series on Supreme Master Television to introduce those individuals of the past and present who have chosen to live food-free on Earth. May their spiritual stories enthrall you; may hearts be opened, and horizons be expanded. We now invite you to join us for part 3 of our 4-part program, “Oberom C. Silva: Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism,” on Between Master and Disciples.

On a diet of 2,000 calories, more or less, we expend around 1,400 to metabolize the food. So it's almost contradictory to eat.

Albert Einstein said everything is energy, so it's very clear that we are one, right? And the difference between things and people are the different frequencies of energy that shape the material elements. But the basic principle is, if we take the food inside our mouth, we're taking in the same energy that we are, right? So, we could bring the same energy, which is one that is through breathing or through a state of consciousness.

Greetings, generous viewers. Today, we return once again to the vast and multifaceted country of Brazil in Latin America to speak with Oberom Silva, a big-hearted breatharian who has a profound respect for life. Oberom has been food-free for nine years. Growing up in a family that respects life wherein all members adhere to this principle through their plant-based dietary lifestyle, Oberom was receptive very early on to the more exalted values of human life. After witnessing his mother’s amazing transformation when she transitioned to the food-free diet, Oberom also decided to live on prana. In fact, the entire family, aside from the youngest child, has gone through the 21-day process.

Look, six months before my process, I watched closely my mother’s process and I had no doubt that it was possible, that it was suitable for me too. So fears, of any kind... everything became so fluid, all pointed and pushed me toward it that I didn’t resist. With everything that happened, it seemed that God was really putting us in this and right this way. From his personal experiences, Oberom came to the realization that the human body possesses unimaginable abilities that are just waiting to be tapped into.

The human body is ingeniously divine, within this divine art of composing matter. It is more or less... Well, I don’t want to risk putting number on this because it can be nonsense. It is trillions of cells, each one with millions of functions. And amazingly, each cell knows the function of each of the many cells. So we are an intelligence. Of course, for all these matters of vibration, of density, of limited perception, we have to access a survival mechanism which is a mechanism that governs the animal world: hunger, eating, sleeping. So all of this is natural; it’s not bad.

But we can wake up to something more subtle, more conscious, and from that awareness, accessing a consciousness that will bring a higher vibration, will be rescuing the divine intelligence, unlimited intelligence. That is this vehicle, and it alone will provide all the information I need to carry out my task.

The vibration simply brings this intelligence, this unlimited intelligence, and it operates as well as it multiplies the cells, and guide these elements of our organism.

Living on prana is a reality that humankind should recognize. It is a natural part of life that assists us in realizing God. Sometimes people want a scientific explanation, I know there is one. We have a book by Michael Weiner, “Life from Light,” that mentions the vision of a physician about this possibility. And just now I received a report concerning a Mexican doctor, a Mexican scientist, who speaks about human photosynthesis. Hira Ratan Manek himself talks about the process of awakening the pineal, releasing melatonin through light, which enters via our eyes.

These are explanations. But then, to attempt to explain love scientifically... When you can explain love scientifically, it will be very easy to explain living on light scientifically. As a great cosmic mother, who is watching over me, which is accompanying me, but I have awareness that God is this: me, you, and everything. And there's no difference, no separation at all. Everything is orchestrated within perfection. This all-encompassing awareness... has an entire plan that is developing. Then I sometimes allow myself to feel like a smaller being, although I know that

I am this consciousness. Humanity is certainly here as a school on evolution. People say, “Oh, but we are like this since a long time ago.” For example, with the eating aspect, “Why are you inventing this non-eating?” We have teeth, we have a digestive system, but why not evolve? We know that our body is completely adaptable and versatile, and we've suffered mutations throughout our evolution. Then perhaps this is a new stage, for some people initially. Then I realize that within this great school, which is life, that we live in this moment as humans at this stage of our learning, of our evolution.

We have come to acknowledge God, and for some it is a slow and painful process that even includes many lives. For others, it is a recognition. Maybe God shines stronger within some, because of merit, and shortens the path of these people. For others, the person suddenly needs to learn more.

For Oberom, living on light becomes a journey inward to rediscover his true self. By giving up physical food, considered critical for human survival, and cultivating himself through meditation, Oberom enters the realm of the Divine.

For me, before the process, my life was dedicated to sports and physical exercise, manual labor at home, with a scythe, with a hoe, an herb garden, planting trees. And when I did the process, remnants of this life were repeated. My enthusiasm for sports, and the possibility that the body gave me in response to all these stimulations, I realized that I was investing much energy externally, whereas I could conduct this energy for my spiritual development.

So I found yoga. And then my life was left between the field, the practices of life in the field and the physical practices with hatha yoga, raja yoga and karma yoga, and then after that I had an experience that was a nine-month journey with very little money, surrendering to the Divine Providence, to even be living miracles in 13 countries in Europe. The road to Santiago, I walked in silence, 800 kilometers without eating, in 19 days – but without eating was eighteen days. There was a day that I couldn’t avoid, not because of a physical need but of a social issue there, the circumstance that held me to that. And everything was wonderful.

The body is perfect. It understands what the situation is and finds a way around food. Although it feels the weight, again, of entering into that mechanism to digest, to breakdown; but it solves the issue. And then, due to this trip, which was completed in India, two months in India with my brother, I returned to Brazil and wrote a book, “Traveling in the Light,” which reports the experience of being on pilgrimage, of really living through surrendering to the Divine Providence, without any kind of fear or concern that I would be disappointed.

And this brought, once again, a confirmation that things flow. Just trust, just surrender... And there I wrote the book, and from that, started to work to spread this perception that living on light is not non-eating. It is living on divine light. It is possible to live, on this divine light even while we still eat. And, of course, to also say that it is possible to access possibilities beyond the non-eating, perhaps beyond the human understanding, such as the dematerialization of the body and re-materialization of the body, freely, and the non-eating state is a small matter. And then, with these lectures on pranic consciousness, I also use the book that is now in English. And my life today is very active.

What occurs during the 21-day transition process to becoming food-free?

It is three weeks, divided into the physical body, emotional body, mental body. Cleansing of all these, in all these extensions of our being, the balance between them and changing a pattern of beliefs. The process happens naturally more or less like this. From the fourth until the seventh day, you're being fed through the subtle energy, and the body does not quite understand what this mechanism is, and because you are not losing energy to digest, you get more energy, and then you don’t sleep. So, it's quite common that from the fourth to seventh day people do not sleep.

But from the moment the juice enters, because it is a week without eating anything… and the last two weeks of drinking juices. Then, at the moment the juice enters, the body relaxes again and then you have more time to sleep. But we do not work even when not eating. We work on the dive to go deep within, the perception of oneself, the perception of how the mechanisms of the ego are, and from this the deconstruction of limiting belief systems.

Compassionate viewers, thank you for your gentle company for this episode of Between Master and Disciples. Join us again next Sunday when we continue with part 4 of “Oberom C. Silva: Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism.” Coming up next is Good People, Good Works, after Noteworthy News. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. With gratefulness, may our planet and all beings continue to be immersed in Heaven’s boundless mercy.

For more information about Oberom and his work, please contact: Literature on Living Food-free

Oberom Silva is a teacher, author, council member of the Brazilian Association of Alternative Communities (ABRASCA), and an administrator for the Ecological Diversity and Regeneration- Friendly Movement (MADRE). He is also a breatharian. I no longer need to eat, I no longer need to drink anything. And I began to explore this with handball, with athletics, with capoeira and…wow!

The idea is that the person cleanse himself, balance himself, and access this awareness of the limitless being that we are.

Tune in to Supreme Master Television on Sunday, February 6, for our program, “Oberom C. Silva: Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism,” on Between Master and Disciples.

Tune in to Supreme Master Television today for our program, “Oberom C. Silva: Returning to Our Divine Self through Breatharianism,” on Between Master and Disciples.
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