Beyond Language:Wuno the Dog and Telepathic Animal Communicator Elisabeth Berger - P1/2 (In German)    
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Today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants will be presented in German, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Greetings, warmhearted viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. This is the first in a two-part series that features an insightful interview with vegetarian Austrian telepathic animal communicator and certified dog trainer Elisabeth Berger.

Through Ms. Berger we’ll also hear her noble canine companion Wuno’s loving, elegant messages for humanity. Elisabeth Berger’s interest in connecting heart-to-heart with animals started with her rescued dogs Mesa and Wuno. When she found that conventional dog-training methods did not work with them, she turned to telepathic animal communication.

By attending workshops with Swiss telepathic animal communicators Helen Gerber and Lillian Steiner-Iten, Ms. Berger learned the subtle aspects of this inner communication and is now conducting popular workshops and seminars herself. Her dogs and her cat Mira actively participate in the workshops.

I came to it because a girlfriend wanted to bring me to a lecture. “You love animals so much, come with me.” And I’ll never forget it for my entire life. It was the best thing that I could ever do because the communicator, who later also became my teacher, said things about my dog that she could not have known and it completely shook my world.

I think that I am still on the way to becoming a professional and we never stop learning and I am happy that people are gaining confidence and animals too are gaining confidence and that I am allowed to mediate. I really see it as a vocation and a job to act as a mediator in this way.

Thus far in her career Elisabeth Berger has helped many people in their relationships with their animal companions including those who have become separated from an animal friend. The following is one of her most unforgettable experiences, which involved remotely communicating with a lost dog.

One of the stories that will be in my memory forever because it was at the very beginning when I was working together with an animal welfare organization, there was a dog being transported, very nice, to the north of Germany and about halfway at a station along the highway through a real misfortune, he ran away in panic.

The lady in charge who was transporting called me and asked, “What shall we do?” I said, “I can translate.” So I translated for the dog and he showed exactly how the surroundings looked. The lady then said, “If I come there to get you will you come out?” And he then said, “Yes.” So she indeed got in her car at 10 o’clock at night and drove 600 kilometers.

I said to her, “Hey, no guarantees; I just translated for the dog. It’s purely informational. So don’t make me responsible if he doesn’t come out.” She said, “I trust my dog, I trust you.” So then early in the morning hours, she arrived at that rest stop. We then looked again at the way the dog had described the surroundings. She found the place again, exactly like that. She then walked down and I told the dog, “Now you can come out.” And five minutes later, he did.

She got him, so to speak, and then we both stayed there on the telephone and cried. I was somehow so awestruck because, those are things that I can’t make up. I experienced it myself and that’s how I know that it works.

We asked Ms. Berger to relay some of our questions for Wuno who was more than happy to provide answers!

How would dogs like to be treated by humans?

He’s saying: with respect and consideration. That’s the mistake many humans make. They think we respond to shouting and oppression. And Elisabeth, he means me, also could explain to you very well that she made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. There is no shame attached for humans to learn something new.

He says the most important thing you should know is that we’re a part of the family and not just some animal. That’s another mistake many humans make. They treat animals as outsiders, like they are not part of the family. It’s essential for us to be a part of the family. We’re animals and will always remain so, but we’re also a part of you.

In what ways are dogs spiritual?

Dogs just live one part of the unconditional love, and they do not care, so to say, whether you’re sick or healthy, whether you’re in a good mood or whether you’re grumpy. I really like living with you humans even though you can be a bit complicated at times.

How has Wuno helped Ms. Berger to grow and develop?

At first, I opened her heart and taught her what dogs are really like. She will tell you about that herself later on. We had to work very hard on her, but we’ve succeeded, so that after a while she finally got to the point where she was able to work for us animals and creation.

What advice does Wuno have for humans so that they can be more in tune with the spiritual realm?

It’s very important for humans to connect with constructive energies, and don’t always talk about things that are terrible, because that strengthens the energy of these things. Learn to think about things that are beautiful. Shake it off like a dog shakes off fleas and feel the beauty of creation. These are the things that we can show you. We love every moment and life is just so beautiful.

After this brief message, we’ll continue our fascinating journey into the world of animals with Elisabeth Berger. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants featuring vegetarian Austrian telepathic animal communicator and canine specialist Elisabeth Berger. She now speaks about the different skills she applies when interpreting the messages of the many animals with whom she interacts.

I transmit what I myself have been taught. Heart to heart communication on the one hand, which was taught by the founder, the Grande Dame of animal communication, Penelope Smith and then also meditation techniques because animal communication without a relation to spirituality and meditation isn’t really possible. Then psychometrics, this is something… what does psychometrics mean?

It means measuring with the soul. It’s about making the aura of objects visible, which means you can, for example, hold a dog collar in your hands and with certain techniques you can feel the being of the dog and there are different techniques. So simply various techniques and then too, of course, pure intuition, that gut feeling, experience, which always plays a role, and naturally the knowledge. All this combined with the conversational techniques create a satisfactory communication session.

Besides being a professional telepathic animal communicator, Ms. Berger has a background in teaching and currently trains teachers at Salzburg University, Austria. We asked her how her background influences her work with animals.

I think that in the overall view of things, it helps me very much at the moment. I studied physical education and the ability to access the body is important in working with animals because you feel, so to speak, where the problem is in the body if you know your own body. Then in the field of psychology, philosophy and education there exists a view of the world that gives a larger understanding for the overall.

So thinking about the world and how it is made up is simply in my blood as of course is working with people. And dogs are very similar to people in the way that they learn. They are frustrated in a similar way or are happy in a similar way. And with animals and people, promoting their strengths where that is possible is very important to me.

Communication between dogs, as Ms. Berger explains, is very sophisticated and relies on senses and skills that humans have not fully developed.

Dogs have an international language with each other. They mainly communicate through body language and it’s important to know that because a dog reads your expressions like a picture book. Then they communicate of course through smell, which means that because of the scent properties of urine, dogs can perceive how old a dog is, what their health status is, male, female, fixed, or not fixed.

Then of course they also communicate telepathically and mentally, there’s no question at all. They do that very well and very thoroughly. So they do it with pictures and with feelings in the universal language. And here I’d like to mention the calming signals. Turid Rugaas, a Norwegian, helped us in Europe and America understand, that there are about 30 body language signals that show two possibilities or have a distinct meaning.

First, these calming signals are about enabling the dog to demonstrate, “Whoa, be careful, I’m not interested in conflict.” Old male dogs or experienced female dogs meeting young dogs sit down and demonstrate the calming signals and say, “Hey calm down, honey.” And it’s also easy for us to learn. For example, blinking or yawning, the dog is showing I want to relax, I am not interested in getting into any kind of conflict.

And many human companions know that if they are in a hurry the dog will sit down and yawn while we are running around in a circle. Really, what the dog is saying is, “Relax.” So I would definitely recommend that every companion of a dog, so to speak, learn these calming signals.

We also asked Elisabeth Berger how animals of different species communicate with one another.

But of course what all animals have in common is telepathic communication, the distant feeling from the heart; all of them speak that and understand each other in that way. Another very, very important aspect in relation to this is the concept of mental fields that Rupert Sheldrake researched very deeply.

It’s very easy to explain – the “swarming phenomenon” that you will certainly be familiar with whether it is birds in the sky or fish in water. If one fish turns then all the fish turn at the same time. So it is not after one another but a turning together at the same time and that clearly confirms that there are mental fields and communication at that level.

Our sincere thanks, Elisabeth Berger for taking time from your busy schedule to speak about your wonderful experiences as a telepathic animal communicator. Our appreciation, Wuno for your inspiring messages to humanity and helping us better understand the canine perspective of the world. May the hearts of many be touched by these two splendid individuals. Generous viewers, please join us again tomorrow on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants for the concluding part of our fascinating interview with telepathic animal communicator Elisabeth Berger.

It has been a pleasure having you with us today on our program. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment after Noteworthy News. May our world always be blessed by the presence of animals.
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