The Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's Books "The Noble Wilds,"German & French Ed., & The Dogs in My Life, Polish Ed. P1/5 Oct. 18, 2009, Germany    
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Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai “The Premiere of the Books The Noble Wilds, German and French Edition, and The Dogs in My Life, Polish Edition” Frankfurt, Germany - October 18, 2009

MC (f): Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman.

MC (m): It is a great honor for us to be here with you and our global viewers today for this unique, catalyzing global event. First and foremost, we would like to extend our special thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for the opportunity we now have to enjoy the international bestseller The Noble Wilds in German and French. We are also here to celebrate the premiere of the Polish version of the bestseller The Dogs in My Life.

MC(f): We extend our appreciation to our invited guests for attending today's seminar, and we also welcome our worldwide viewers on Supreme Master Television, on which this significant event is broadcasting live today on 6 continents, 14 satellites, 26 cable TV and IPTV networks, and 18 streaming video websites. Supreme Master Television is a free-to-air satellite channel broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of engaging programs in English with over 30 subtitles and 60 languages.

MC(m): Today's guest of honor is Supreme Master Ching Hai who will participate via live videoconference. A Gusi Peace Prize Laureate, world renowned humanitarian, pioneer in constructive global satellite television, artist and spiritual teacher, she is also the author of three international bestselling books The Dogs in My Life, The Birds in My Life, and The Noble Wilds.

MC(f): Ever a champion of the rights of all beings to live in peace and harmony, her campaigns to promote a healthy vegan lifestyle and to stop the effects of climate change have mobilized countless people to act for the greater good of all life. As part of this effort to spread love to all beings, Supreme Master Ching Hai has succeeded in her new role as bestselling author of books featuring animals. All of her books have reached international bestseller lists, not only the English editions but also in French, Chinese, Korean, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Japanese and Spanish. And there are many versions that have been translated and will be released in the future, like Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Telugu, Portuguese, Philippine. Isn't that amazing?

MC(m): It really is! Master Ching Hai's first two books, The Dogs in My Life and The Birds in My Life, portray an engaging and illuminating account of life with her adopted animals and birds. Her third bestseller, The Noble Wilds, illustrates Supreme Master Ching Hai's extraordinary experience with her animal friends who live in the wild. The books, with beautifully illustrated pages, reveal the loving communication among animals and between animals and their human caregivers. They unveil the wondrous inner world of animals in order that we may enter. They bring to light the deep emotions, purpose of being, and blessing energy of our animal friends.

MC(f): The breathtaking books of Supreme Master Ching Hai reveal and remind us of the simple secret we always knew deep down in our heart - that the love of animals for humans and for other animals stirs affection, love, and joy in all of our hearts. The kind of unconditional love that animals bring into our lives is one of the most appreciable aspirations for the future of this planet and its inhabitants. We now would like to show you a short video clip of Supreme Master Ching Hai together with some of her animal friends whom she encountered in the wild. Please enjoy.

“The Noble Wilds” is a universal favorite across cultures. Supreme Master Ching Hai's “The Noble Wilds” has ranked as an international #1 bestseller at the world's largest online bookstore,

First released in February in Formosa (Taiwan), the Chinese version of “The Noble Wilds” was instantly ranked as #1 bestseller, continuing the tremendous popularity of Supreme Master Ching Hai's first two books, “The Birds in My Life” and “The Dogs in My Life.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Being around the wilds expands our hearts and leading us to a beautiful meadow of life that was totally untouched by prejudice and blame. We will just be there, in the now, merging with nature, unspoiled and uncomplicated, ever so grateful for the knowledge of the unknown, delighted in the indulgence of Mother Nature's love.

VO: In 450 pages, filled with vibrant photographs and all printed in environmentally-friendly ink, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares the most touching stories and reveals some of the secrets of God's creatures for the very first time. Following are a selection of enthusiastic comments for The Noble Wilds from readers around the world.

VO: Vivian in Germany shares her response: “We humans proclaim to be the crown of the creation, the most civilized being. But look at these noble souls in animal forms. We should learn from them, love them, respect them, with our honor. Thanks God that they are here.”

“This book for me is like God's gift,” writes Su Love, a reader from Formosa (Taiwan). A reader named C. R. Tumminaro expressed: “The book is truly heart- melting. The photos are romantic, which conveys the deep love that the wilds have. The actions are something that we do not get to witness often, and when paired with beautiful poetry, it definitely shows true tenderness. A healing and redemptive book that's full of love!” From Iemmanuel in Paris, France: “I could feel such a very surprising and delicate and unknown joy... Like a deep truth being shared with others - absolute heartwarming; not just about animals but about ourselves, humans, too.”

VO: A university professor in the US reads and ponders: “The Noble Wilds, written and photographed by Supreme Master Ching Hai, exemplifies an alternative, compassionate way of living during an age of the ever increasingly growing environmental crises. One cannot help asking: Why humans have not been able to live in peace, love, and harmony with these wonderful beings?” “It is so interesting to record the life of the swan family.

Especially we learn that the swans have their own names just like we do. So animals are just like us,” writes Shuton, a reader from Formosa (Taiwan). From South Africa, another reader writes: “After reading The Noble Wilds, I can truly see how incredible God is in his purpose of sending us such wonderful animals to inspire us to treat one another with love and dignity.”

VOICE: The book shares with readers insights into the natural world, such as the dedicated parenthood of wild ducks and swans, the friendship of a neighbor horse, and the deep love of creatures large and small who place their trust in “the Lady.” Now, through The Noble Wilds, their love is transformed into a single purpose: to expand humans' understanding and care for all life and Mother Nature.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: A fairy tale that unveiled itself, to let us know that life is the same to humans and animals, insects and trees and minerals alike. Because life embraces all with love and nurturing, and that we all can communicate and understand each other, thus we understand ourselves in a deeper level of consciousness.

MC (m): Ladies and gentlemen, and viewers of Supreme Master Television around the world, we are delighted to announce that our honored guest is with us right now. Supreme Master Ching Hai, we are privileged that you could join us today via live videoconference here at the world's biggest International Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

MC (f): Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a big welcome to Supreme Master Ching Hai!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo. Hi there! The beautiful people.

MC (f): Supreme Master Ching Hai, we want to inform you of some great news. We are pleased to tell you that the German version of your book The Noble Wilds has reached No. 1 ranking in sales at in the category of "Children and Youngsters" in all German books.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: My God! MC(f&m): Congratulations!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Thank you all of you. Thank you all of you, and the publisher and the distributors and the printers and all the people involved to make this a wonderful Sunday news. I congratulate myself also and especially because I see you so clear like you're sitting next to me. Isn't that wonderful technology nowadays? We are just so lucky, we're so lucky to have all this. Thanks for coming. Hallo.

MC (f): Hallo.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You are fine, yes?

MC(m): Supreme Master, we appreciate your kindness and willingness to join us today at the release of the German and French version of your book The Noble Wilds and the Polish version of The Dogs in My Life.

MC(f): Supreme Master, to congratulate you on the launch of the German version of The Noble Wilds, two distinguished German artists - a movie director Mr. Helmut Nitzschke and actress Mrs. Heidemarie Wenzel - send their greetings from the capital city Berlin with this short video called “Impressions about The Noble Wilds.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you! Berlin is always good for surprises. Like this little park. Like how fast the swan babies grow whom I've known since they hatched. Another surprise is coming up. But first it's my little cygnets' turn. You get something, too. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Look at that!) You get it like that. And the father!
Look at this, you're vegetarians, of course. Do you want to make it wet? Beautiful, come! On weekdays, one finds undisturbed places around the pond where one can think or occupy oneself with a book. You beauties!

Swans possess perfect grace. Poets have sung about their mysterious beauty. But my ability to communicate with them is very limited. I don't even know their names. Did you know that swans name themselves? How and when you can learn from this book. Thank you. That's the surprise: “The Noble Wilds” is now also available in German. ”Die edlen Wildtiere“ In this special volume one can learn previously unknown things about wild animals or things that we haven't yet seen.

For example, its author, Supreme Master Ching Hai, tells us how she persuaded a female swan, nesting on her own, to accept food from her so that she would keep her strength. Once Master found a stray goat who told her that she was pregnant. How does Master learn these things? She can talk with all animals in a universal language, without words. This wonderful book makes us marvel, comprehend and, at the same time, feel how deeply related we truly are to these noble beings.

Here, in this small park, in the middle of the big city, one can see many animal-lovers of Berlin loving animals in their own way. But their love is not yet deep enough and lacks enlightening insight that all animals are sentient beings just like us humans. Or else they would all became vegetarians on the spot. What a blessing that would be for animals, for nature and, not least, for us humans! Beautiful! So beautiful! Such a beautiful surprise. So wonderfully done. Thank you very much.

MC(f): Supreme Master, without further ado, we would like to begin today's seminar. We have some very special guests here today and they have very great questions for you.

MC(m): First of all, we will focus on animals as our co-inhabitants. It, therefore, gives us great pleasure to introduce our first speaker on this topic, Linda Roosloot from the Netherlands. Linda Roosloot is a Master Integrated Energy therapist, Angel therapist, kynologic behavior therapist, owner of Bella Vitalis, a spiritually based holistic company. In addition, she is an animal communicator, spiritual messenger, teacher and a caring mother.

Her divine purpose is to enable powerful healing treatments for animals and their caretakers around the world, using our energy, work and educational services that lead to a vital balance in mind, body and soul through the loving energy of our angels. Linda's speech today will be “Animals, Our Noble Friends, Bring us Messages and Gifts from Heaven.” Ladies and gentlemen, Linda Roosloot! (Speech in ENGLISH) Ms. Linda Roosloot (f): Good afternoon, everybody.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good afternoon.

Roosloot (f): Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, as you know, animals are here for a reason. They have a task on this Earth and when they are able to fulfill their task, they are happy and contented. One can compare animals' role with them, of humans, following their true divine life purpose. Joy, happiness, great love are what our animal friends have in their natural being and they are trying to bring those qualities into our lives and into our world.

Therefore, I would like to speak of them as friends, as teachers, and as loved ones and we humans as their caregivers or caretakers. We don't own our animal friends. We are not their bosses nor entitled to rule over them in any way. However, it's necessary that we teach our pets, our animal friends who are living in our homes, some Earth-bounded rules so we can live together in harmony in this wonderful world we live in.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.

Roosloot (f): In the universe, we don't know time; time is made up by humans. If one looks at a cat who is lying in a garden and enjoying the sun, just take a moment and watch. Let's see what's given you. Watch, see, and let it come into your feeling, because that feeling is telling you a lesson and that lesson is enjoy - enjoy the moment, be in the moment because that's all there is.

Cats are very sensitive. Dogs are more grounded and give us a lesson of what unconditional love means. If dogs experience great domination or aggressive behavior from humans, they'll still love us. But at that moment, their hearts are aching because what's happening at that moment is just a reflection of how we humans are treating each other. Horses have a special role, just as dolphins. And they are both so magnificent, especially when they are working with children of special needs or with grownups who have experienced big trauma in their earlier years, especially during childhood.

And they both have a healing gift. For example, horses on a higher level are connected and bring awareness to humans through their aura. So, if a horse has got a problem at their left extremities, one needs to take a look at their own left side, their feminine side, and check it out for any emotional blockage. I used to be a lover of riding horses, but my vision has changed during my own spiritual journey.

And at this moment, I'd like to communicate with horses on a higher level of understanding and enjoying their true nature. Dolphins are also my big love. Dolphins communicate with each other on a very high spiritual level. They don't need words to express themselves. They carry with them great healing gifts and great lessons. And they are little angels swimming in freedom with the capacity of really being in the now and experience great joy and love with everything they touch. And they are also healing sea life.

Whales and dolphins have great wisdom, just like a big library, such as the Library of Congress in Washington, and even bigger. And we can learn from this wisdom. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) And if humans are able to view dolphins and whales as our memory, as our professors, then we would not harm them anymore. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Correct.) Supreme Master Ching Hai, I could talk for hours about the great messages and lessons our pets and other wildlife are telling and teaching us.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right. Not hours, you could talk for months and years.

Roosloot (f): Oh yes. Sure I can, sure I can. If we want a happier and healthier life for ourselves, we must take care and love all our animal friends. We are all connecting and living on the same planet. It's not ours alone and it's not our property. And if we want to follow our divinity, live from your heart, love yourself, love all human beings and animals alike, and love our planet. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) Our planet is our divine temple so we must take care of it now. I bow to the divine in you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Wonderful, wonderful. Wonderful.

MC(f): How wonderful and how true! Thank you, Mrs. Roosloot.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: She knows so much about animals, I am very impressed. Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge. This is rare, not everybody knows this, and this is rare. Thank you so much for your diamond wisdom. Thank you.

MC(f): Our next distinguished guest is Luis Perez Garcia, the Chairman and spokesperson of DefensAnimal, an organization which focuses primarily on defending animals while promoting veganism as the true way to live righteously. Luis Perez Garcia also works as a tax advisor and he graduated as an economist at the Faculty of Economic Science in Valencia, Spain. Let's welcome him to talk about veganism as the best way to stop abuse and cruelty to animals, our co-inhabitants on this planet. Ladies and gentlemen, Luis Perez Garcia.

Hallo, good afternoon. My name is Luis Pérez, and I am Chairman and spokesperson for is an "abolitionist" nonprofit organization defending the interests of all non-human animals, no matter which species they belong to. We try to inform and re-educate people so they will stop being "speciesist," which means stop discriminating against individuals depending on what species they belong to.

No animal, be it human or not, should be discriminated against because of criteria such as race, sex or the species it belongs to. In every country, children are educated to be speciesists, creating in their minds a mental scheme with two categories, animals and humans, just as if humans were not animals. And it seems to be forgotten that on this planet, actually, hundreds of billions of animals coexist, that belong to different species - different breeds, different sexes, but having something essential in common, which is the fact that all of us animals have a nervous system, so each one of us animals has the capability of feeling pain, pleasure, etc.

Unfortunately, we have been educated to believe that non-human animals exist to serve humans and we value their lives according to the profit that we can get from them. Just like a sexist education creates the wrong and unfair thinking that women exist to serve men, a speciesist education makes us think that non-human animals are born for us to eat them, to make shoes, belts, or handbags from their skin. We are educated to think that they are born to be experimented on or carry goods or humans on their backs.

We are educated to think that they exist to entertain us in circus performances, popular celebrations, or for us to visit them in prisons for non-human animals known as “zoos” or “aquariums.” We at try by all means to make people aware of the fact that no animal, human or not, has been born to serve anyone, and all of us animals want to live and enjoy our lives in freedom. So we say, for the sake of justice, that all of us must be vegan, that is to say, we must stop using other animals in any aspect of our lives.

Therefore, we must eat without including any animal ingredients in our diet. A lot of people think that being vegetarian is enough and they believe that there's nothing wrong in consuming milk, cheese, eggs or honey. But they don't know that consuming by-products is even worse because it entails prolonging the agony and exploitation of the non-human females. They forget that due to the whim of savoring a glass of milk or a piece of cheese, they are asking for a cow to be deprived of her freedom, to be inseminated in order to make her pregnant against her will, to be separated from her baby when it is born, and for her milk to be stolen.

And what about the baby cow? Well, it is imprisoned for about four months in a place where he can barely move, to prevent him from strengthening his muscles, and after that period he will be carried off to the slaughterhouse to be murdered, chopped up and sold as veal meat, which is the muscles and sinews of baby cows. On the other hand, the cow doesn't give milk, but rather, it is stolen from her until almost nothing is left. Then they make her pregnant again against her will, and they murder the new baby again.

This process is repeated four or five times, so, despite the fact that cows are able to live for around 25 years in freedom, the dairy industry kills them at the age of 5 or 6 years. Once exploiting them is not profitable anymore, they carry them to the slaughterhouses where their children were carried to sell their carcasses by weight. And let's not forget that hens don't give eggs either, but they are stolen.

And hens are regarded as laying machines, so they are killed and chopped up when it is not profitable to keep on exploiting them. Veganism also means that we should use clothes and accessories with no leather, wool, silk or feathers, because wool means preventing sheep from having their freedom, inseminating them against their will, and killing them to sell their carcasses as meat, when they are not profitable anymore from stealing their hair.

Silk entails killing millions of worms by putting them into boiling water, and feathers are pulled out from individuals who are, in most cases, still alive. Additionally, we must use products which have not been tested or experimented on non-human animals, regardless of whether the involved individuals are primates or mice. And definitely, we must reject any product, service or show using non-human animals. is an "abolitionist" association because it gives a voice to and represents the non-human victims, and therefore it does not support nor ask for reforms or regulations regarding the use of non-humans. If we were the victims, we would never ask for bigger cells, or being enslaved in a different way; we would not ask either to be slaughtered in a less painful way in the slaughterhouses, fish farms or fishing boats. We are at a historical moment, similar to that in the time of slavery for black humans. At that time, there were some well-intentioned people who asked for better treatment of slaves, such as not to beat them, or to give them a suitable place to sleep, etc.

But fortunately, there were others who addressed the root of the problem and pushed for the abolition of slavery. Nowadays, there are more and more well-intentioned people who demand welfare measures and reforms so that the non-human animals have a better treatment in the farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, etc. But for their sake, we should not demand better treatment for them, but rather the abolition of farms, slaughterhouses, fishing boats, animal experimentation, etc. We must demand the abolition of all speciesist activities, that is to say, those activities that would never be done if such individuals belonged, for example, to the human race.

Fortunately, there are some people who are demanding the abolition of the murder of bulls in the bullrings or the seals in Canada, but they say that we are radicals for demanding, for example, the abolition of slaughterhouses. To that, we answer that it is totally unfair to demand the abolition of the murder of bulls or seals and not to demand the same for cows, pigs, tuna or mice. All of us animals deserve the same consideration and it is not fair to demand more respect for some of us than for others.

The important thing is not how, where or why someone is deprived of freedom, enslaved or murdered, nor should it be important the species to which the individual deprived of freedom, enslaved or murdered belongs to. From we promote veganism and the end of speciesism through various means: through informative websites, lectures, vegan cooking courses, video forums, a monthly radio program called The Vegan Corner, a program about vegan cooking on TV, an online bi-annual magazine, information desks on the street, performances, peaceful protests and conscientious awareness-raising acts in very busy locations in large cities. At we work every day to achieve a fairer world for everyone where no one is discriminated against based on what species they belong to. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

MC (m): Thank you. Thank you so much, Mr. Garcia.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you, thank you indeed. Thank you. It's horrible. It's absolutely horrible how we behave as humans. It's unimaginable. The more we do research into all this animal treatment, the more we cannot imagine how we, as a human race, are behaving in such a way. My God! Oh, my God! We must change, we must change fast. We can't live like this, we can't. We just can't go on like this. It's just killing our heart.

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