Protect Our Home with L.O.V.E. - P5/8 October 11, 2009 Taichung, Formosa    
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S(f): Master, we have special guests here with us who have questions for you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Welcome,welcome.

B(m): Now,let's begin our question-and-answer session with Supreme Master Ching Hai. First,we have Dr. Liu Shaw-Chen, the Director of Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica.

LSC(m): Supreme Master Ching Hai…

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Welcome,Doctor.

LSC(m): Thank you. What specific actions have you suggested to reduce the greenhouse gases? And are these actions effective? Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hallo,Dr. Liu.  You are a distinguished scientist and I'm honored to be of some service. I'm glad to meet you. Thank you for raising this very important question on behalf of the audience, because perhaps you are already aware of the answer. Dr. Liu,in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions,we must stop the source of greenhouse gas emission. The source of greenhouse gas emission is 50% from animal raising, animal products,and we have to stop that source as soon as before yesterday. We must stop further raising and reproduction of animals for meat or any other use. We don't need animals' dead,suffering products to stay alive. I even wear fake fur. This,I designed it - artificial fur. Doesn't it look beautiful? S and B(m): Yes,very beautiful. S(f): Lovely color.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. We don't need to kill to live. That is a very simple philosophy to understand. All the wise sages of old have told us that, and we would be wise too to listen to their counsel. Coming back to our modern day, countless humans and animals have proven thus. Stop the animal industry, then we will stop greenhouse gas emissions. According to a new study, the livestock industry is responsible for more than 50%. This is a new research, new conclusion. Because before that, the UN estimated that it's only 18% - one eight. And now,the scientists have discovered that it is more than 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from livestock raising,comes from the animal industry.

But I am sure there is more than that; we will get more and more updates all the time. The more updates we get, the sadder,the more grim the picture that we get. This is according to a new calculation, an update since the calculation of 18% which was announced in 2006. Now,three years later, we discover that it is more than 50% by the scientists. So,if the globe changes to a vegan diet and stops the livestock industry from continuing,then 50% of greenhouse gases can start to go down and quickly because the majority of the livestock emissions is methane, not carbon dioxide.

You are very aware of this, Dr. Liu. Within a 20-year period, kilo per kilo - meaning for every kilo of methane emitted, it has 72 times more of the heating capacity than from one kilo of CO2, means carbon dioxide. That is why the livestock sector is responsible for so much of the global warming. At least more than 50% of it. So,in addition, the good news is that methane is a very short-lived gas.

Carbon dioxide takes many decades to leave our atmosphere, but methane has a lifetime of about 12 years only. So that's why scientists, including NASA researcher Dr. Gavin Schmidt, even said that,『It may be more cost-efficient to reduce methane in the atmosphere than it is to reduce carbon dioxide.』 I quoted him exactly. Therefore,it's more effective and smart for us to focus on methane first, and to do that we have to stop its number one source, the meat industry.

And for that, we must change our diet. Scientists also found that if we change our diet to a vegan diet, we can release vast amounts of land from producing grains for animal feed and return it to forest or feeding humans. Even you have said so, Dr. Liu,in an interview on the Supreme Master Television,that these forests would then be natural carbon sinks, or areas that absorb and remove a lot of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. According to researchers in the Netherlands, the forests would be so effective at absorbing carbon dioxide that we would save a lot of money and energy from trying to develop expensive technologies to do what the trees can do better.

World governments could save tens of trillions of US dollars,- I leave you to calculate how much - over just a few decades if everyone be veg and plant organic. When we plant organic farming, the organic farming will also absorb another 40%,at least, of the carbon dioxide in the air already. So you see,50% less from no more animal industry, 40% less carbon dioxide from organic farming, then we will be singing, our world will be saved. Our children will continue to live in this home forever. Right now,one-third of the entire Earth's land surface is used either for grazing animals or growing feed for the animals, not for humans. We humans use very little of this agriculture section. Is that an efficient way to use the land? MC (m & f): No.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It's not,yes,it's not. In the Amazon,the world's largest rainforest, 91% of the land that was deforested since 1970is used for livestock pasture. Imagine,the lung of the Earth being barren just for livestock pasture, 91% of it. This is a devastating way to make a cheap profit at the cost of our planet's and our people's survival. We are eating our planet by consuming meat. So,without the needless animal industry,not only will we gain forests, we can also have organic vegan farmlands to grow real,decent food for humans, and like the forests, these farmlands can also absorb a lot of heat,a lot of heat from the atmosphere.

I repeat again, the organic farming absorbs a lot of heat from the atmosphere. And a global shift to organic vegan practices could mean 40% of all greenhouse gases absorbed as well,apart from the 50 plus percent that we eliminate through the terminating of the animals raising practice. See? So we see here, if we really want to get to the bottom line to find the most effective solution to climate change, we cannot,we absolutely cannot go on ignoring the most urgent, serious cause - that is the animal consumption and the like - because it is heating up our Earth at a dangerous speed, causing catastrophic disasters everywhere; causing suffering to our sweet,defenseless, blessing,loving animals; causing suffering to hundreds of millions of our humans' co-existence through meat-related diseases.

Losing loved ones, losing homes,losing lives, losing hopes. One-sixth of the population is starving. Children die every few seconds from hunger. Right now as we are speaking,Bangladesh is only half the size of what it used to be decades ago. The list never ends if we continue to partake in this killing phenomena, massacring tragedy called『animal industry.』We can replace this with hundreds more varieties of nutritious,healthy life-saving food substances. We have info for this, free to download and disseminate,at Please help us to inform people before it's too late. Thank you,Dr. Liu. Thank you for your precious time and your wonderful question.

S(f): Thank you,Master,for your wise answer for us. Next,we have Mr. Huang Mu-Lang,an environment-caring artist.

Mr. Huang (m): My name is Mu-Lang Huang. Thank you very much that I have the chance to enjoy being here, and to meet you. Today I learn from you about LOHAS, organic,vegan,eco. This is our life and the goal.

HM(m): When I read your book 『The Noble Wilds,』 I wondered how the NQ (Noble Quality) of the animals was determined. NQ is mentioned on the first page of your book. I am very surprised to see that humans' NQ is less than that of many other animals listed in your book. Please tell us that if people's NQ is so much lower,what can people do to remedy it, and how can people adopt a world view of co-existence with nature? Supreme Master, you have achieved the level of being one with all creation. I greatly admire your boundless love. However,in the time of global climate change, frequent disasters, and global crisis,in order to avoid total destruction, do you have more concrete instructions and directions,besides your loving lectures, to the worldly people? Thank you!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Mr. Wang,thank you for participating in this forum. So,you are an environmentally caring artist. I'm very,very happy that you are doing that. I hope you are fine. You look good. And you look like an artist,that's for sure. To answer your first question,sir,I was also surprised myself, surprised to discover the differences in NQ - meaning Noble Quality among the races, between the animals, different animals, and between animals and humans. For those in the audience who may not know, NQ refers to our Noble Quality and the Noble Quality in all beings.

In the book, 『The Noble Wilds,』 I have listed some of the NQ percentages. For example,cows have 40% Noble Quality; pigs have 30% NQ, means Noble Quality; dogs,30% NQ; geese,20%; duck,8% NQ,meaning Noble Quality,etc.,etc. Whereas for humans, there are lots of us who have an average NQ of 10%,and many other humans who have an NQ of just 3%. It's very sad for me to discover that as well. As much as I'm surprised, I was sad. For comparison, lions also have 3% NQ and tigers have 4% NQ.

So why do some animals have a higher NQ? I asked them and they said it's because they have more unconditional love. And I checked up with the responsible divine power and confirmed the same, that the reason why some animals have high NQ is because they have unconditional love, they radiate compassion, they don't harm other co-inhabitants. Except the few that we have mentioned, like tigers and lions. They may even protect them, with selfless disregard for their own safety. You,and the people in the audience,probably would have the chance to observe this in the wild or in your own backyard or in your own household with your pets, your dogs,etc. Whereas us humans, although we are equipped with a higher intellect, we often do the opposite.

For example: we hunt for fun; we fish for fun on weekends; we don't care about other people suffering from hunger; we wage war en mass, destroy en mass; promote wars, promote destruction, promote the killing of other people, selling and producing weapons for that reason, and promoting wars for that reason. So actually,it is not surprising if we come to think about it deeply that many humans have the NQ similar to the lions,or just 3%.

But even then, the lion only kills when he's hungry; he doesn't kill for fun. And when the lion kills some animals, he asks the permission from that animal. He asks the agreement from that animal, and they both have a mutual agreement before the lion or the tiger kills the other species for food. If you have the telepathic communication ability awakened,which we all have anyway, then you will know this as well. It's not only I who say this but anybody who can communicate with animals will understand this fact, that any animal who kills another animal for food, they ask permission,and they only choose the weak, the old,the incapable,to kill for food so that they will preserve the strong and the thriving reproduction of that species. So they only kill when they are hungry, the tigers and the lions.

Humans, we never have a need to kill another to survive. We have a lot of choices of food in the fruit and vegetable kingdoms. We have more than enough. We are allowed to defend for our own life, but even then, we will still enter the cycle of never-ending revenge. If we kill others,we will get killed in return. And then,in return, we will kill the relatives or loved ones of that person in return. And so it goes on forever.

So there are three ways to raise our Noble Quality, and they are: First,never harm any living being. The one simple rule of all time,of all religions, of all the great Masters since time immemorial.

Second,always do good to others in any situation. Follow our heart and intuition,and if anyone needs help at any time, we must help them. Think of the dog who doesn't hesitate one second to jump into harm's way to defend his human companion,or into a collapsed building to rescue a trapped stranger. The dogs have 30% Noble Quality, because they don't hesitate to sacrifice for others. Noble Quality means we put others before ourselves; we're ready to sacrifice anytime for a good cause. We're ready to help any time other people need us, depends on our capacity.

Many other things we can do,we would do if we possess a high Noble Quality. So,anything good, anything that is noble, that means it comes from Noble Quality or NQ. Yes. Or,we think of the water buffalo in China who pushed himself into a well and got stuck, just in time before the family's little daughter almost fell in. He had 40% Noble Quality. That's no wonder. Keep the loving veg diet.

That's number three. If we cannot do much else, like charity or helping someone, just do this, just be veg. Because the veg diet alone saves hundreds of animal lives from entering your graveyard stomach, and avoid making ourselves into a graveyard,of course. And there will be incredible positive loving energy from your being and transforming every cell, elevating all around us. The people,the animals that come in contact with us,we elevate them into a higher level of consciousness.

In the Bible,God said, 『I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats. Your hands are full of blood. Stop killing the innocent! Otherwise,I will not listen to your prayers.』 In the Buddhist sutra, it also says very clearly, 『Eating meat destroys the seeds of compassion, and a meat eater's every action will terrify all beings due to their bodily scent of meat.』 It's very simple:

to murder a life is not a noble way of living, including indirect murder of ordering the death, or enjoying the death of an animal for food. So,we must keep the loving veg diet to protect our precious noble Self. So,as well as all these, we can improve our Noble Quality by loving action. Always remind ourselves to be noble, to do good deeds to help those who need, and help animals whenever we can. They will in turn help to elevate our NQ. We have a lot of information about this on, feel free to download and print them, as well as many programs you can download and learn many good tips on being veg, planting organic foods, and there are even plenty of shows about a variety of good deeds to inspire you.

Mr. Huang,regarding the concrete instructions and guidance to avoid the planet's destruction, it's again: be veg,go green, do good deeds and be loving. That's the loving way to live,that's the noble way to live. Plant organic vegetables as our food, wherever possible, in your backyard, in your balcony. We must develop our innate noble qualities, because after all, we are humane beings. And,it's the only way we can save the planet from destruction.

Mr. Huang, you still want to hear some more other quality? Instead of NQ? We have another called LQ,I have just discovered yesterday, because of your telepathic questions sending to my brain wave, I have discovered another kind of quality. Do you have time to hear some more? Or the audience would like to hear some more? Yes!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good. If you did not question this, I would not have looked into the other corner of the library of the universe, or I would not have asked other divine beings or animals for more information,because I probably did not need it. So now,in addition to NQ - which means Noble Quality - we have another to be endowed within us,that is LQ. LQ means Loving Quality or Godly Quality - we call it LQ for Loving Quality.

Loving Quality, this is an unconditional loving quality. It's even beyond the love between husband and wife, beyond the love of the mother and child. Because this unconditional Loving Quality - meaning we have love for all beings, not just our relatives and friends- we're ready to sacrifice or help anyone who is in need, be it our kin or just total strangers, be it our benefactor or even our enemy,which Jesus has mentioned, 『Love thy enemy.』 This is the Loving Quality that we should cultivate. Many animals have higher LQ than humans. I'm sorry again. I'm also very sad to discover this. And also, size doesn't matter, I just discovered as well.

For example, for domestic animals, LQ ranges from high, as high as 300% to low of 80%. That's for domestic animals. The following are some examples to give you an idea of animal's average LQ. For example,the dogs that you have at home, they have 110% LQ, that means more than 100%; pigs,surprise, 120% LQ; ducks,the little ducks that quack around your yard, 90% LQ; chicken,also 90% LQ. The chicken that we're calling them little chicks, they have 90% LQ. That's almost 100%. In the beginning, I thought 100% LQ, 100% Loving Quality, that is perfect already; but I was informed that it's not,100% is not the perfect yet. More than 100% we do have.

Now,chicken 90% LQ, if you remember; buffalo,110% LQ; horse,180% LQ. Well,on and on and on. But these are just some examples. Now,for wild animals, I am surprised again, just like you will be, Mr. Huang. Their LQ has a range of high, also from 300 to a low 30. For instance, wild monkeys' average is 100% LQ; the bears that we try to save in the Arctic,110% LQ; elephants,only 100% LQ - I'm surprised too - whales,the big whales that some people hunt for food, 300% LQ, 300% Loving Quality housed within that loving great,gentle giant we call whales. W-H-A-L-E-S. Now,penguins, smaller than whales, but they have 200% LQ. And the seals that people hunt and club them to death savagely for fur, they have 300% LQ. So,up to now, we have whales and seals.

And cows also have 300% LQ. The cows that we massacre every day to eat, without a second thought, without mercy, without compassion, without thinking twice. The cows that plow our field, that give milk to some of our children, they have 300% LQ. So,up to now, we have the three greatest - the whales,the seals, and the cows, which have 300% LQ. Now,the dolphins that we love to play with, 110% LQ; the rabbit,110% LQ - imagine? The rabbit that hops around,that looks so cute,110% LQ. So,NQ is important, LQ is also very important. Intelligent IQ, maybe we have,maybe not, but LQ,NQ is very important. Now,we come to the tiger, 20% LQ; lion,21% LQ; leopard,22% LQ. Would you like to know about humans,sir? S(f) and B(m): Yes. B(m): Yes,Master. S(f): Yes,very much.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good,I hear it loud. How do we humans compare? Now,the human average is 20% LQ. The highest LQ of the humans on this planet is 90% LQ, and the lowest of all of us Have only 5% LQ. Of course, the saints,the sages, they have thousands of percent LQ. They are not humans, we don't call them humans like us. So I'm very sorry to inform you this, as I was informed even the day before yesterday. But it may be of some help to some of us to re-introspect about how we spend our precious time, and short time even, on this planet,and with what we depart from it.

So,if we keep our focus on always being loving,selfless,and kind, our LQ and NQ, and even IQ will rise up in no time. We all have a big bank of Loving Quality within us, big account. The more we spend it, the more interest we will gain. NQ,LQ are similar in pattern. That is, the more we exercise in due circumstances or in our mental makeup, in our mental concept, in our way of life, the higher and greater we will develop,the greater we will become. You will be happier with yourself and happier each day with each other. We will smile even in our dreams. Try. Try and you will see what I mean. Thank you,Mr. Huang. Interesting question. Thank you.

B(m): Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Mr. Huang (m): Thank you. I appreciate your rich advice and so rich of the information for me. From now on, today and after, your talk will always be the gold on my mind, with my family,with all the friends around me. So I thank you very much for your advice. Thank you. Bye bye.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you,sir, for your question.

B(m): Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for your beautiful words of wisdom.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: No,it's not my wisdom. I have to thank Mr. Huang for asking a very educational question and thus invoked my mind to go search for the true answer. Not just any ordinary answer but a true answer. Because you have asked a question, so I went searching for the truth of the universe. If you had not asked this question I probably would not have thought about asking about LQ - meaning Loving Quality. This is also new to me, so I have to thank you, Mr. Huang. Thank you so much. And thank all the universal divinity for educating me this way.

B(m): Thank you,Master. And thank you, Mr. Huang.

Huang Mu-Lang Artist in Chinese (m): It's a great honor to be present at this conference. It's a very educational conference.

I'm truly honored to participate in this conference. The most important thing is that our Earth is in an extremely urgent crisis. Every one of us has the duty to understand it. We are very fortunate to have Supreme Master Ching Hai's leadership. In recent years, her main message to the public is to ask people to keep the vegetarian diet as much as possible and to stop eating meat. I have already introduced the harm of the meat diet and the benefit of the plant-based diet. Here she calls on us to be LOHAS,eco, vegan,and organic. The important message of these five topics is to protect our home with love. We all should try our best to change ourselves in our daily life, and then people in the world will follow our example and change themselves, and then our Earth can be saved.

Be veg! Go green! Save the planet!
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