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Group Singing: True colors are beautiful, O like a rainbow.

HOST: Welcome, loving viewers, to Good People, Good Works. Coming from Switzerland, this week’s program features the Little Dreams Foundation, whose mission is to help soaring young talents to fulfill their dreams in the artistic or athletic fields. Founded in 2000 by Orianne and Phil Collins, the Little Dreams Foundation is currently supporting the aspirations of around 90 children from 10 different nationalities.

Besides being the co-founder of the Little Dreams Foundation, Mr. Phil Collins is also a renowned drummer, actor, singer, producer, and a member of the multi-platinum band Genesis. After launching his solo career some three decades ago, Mr. Collins has garnered numerous awards including an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, and three ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards.

His solo album, “Going Back,” released in September 2010, became an instant global success, reaching #1 in the United Kingdom and on the pan-European album chart, and top 10 in over 20 other countries including Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Ireland.

It was his song, “You’ll Be in My Heart,” written for the Disney feature “Tarzan,” which in 2000 garnered Mr. Collins an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award for “Best Song Written for a Film,” and a Grammy Award for “Best Original Song in a Movie.”

Let’s now meet Phil Collins and hear how the Little Dreams Foundation came about.

Mr. Phil Collins (m): We were starting a family and Orianne wanted to change the work that she wanted to do. And so, we thought up this idea of a foundation that could actually help kids, between very young to the age of about 18, if they had dreams, if they had ideas. Sometimes people are very talented, but they don’t have the finance to, to go to lessons, to be coached. So it was really an idea that came from that.

Miko (m): My name is Mico-Angelo Aseron, Mico for short, and I am 15 years old. My dream is to be a singer; yeah, it has been my dream, since I was a kid.

SMTV (f): And um what is your experience with the Little Dreams Foundation?

Miko (m): I discovered new things. Like before, I didn’t actually know my kind of music; so I came here. I’ve experienced things that blew me away. Like singing with artists, celebrities, that was one of my dreams that actually came true. Thank you to Phil Collins, because he’s making our dreams come true. To Paul too, thank you.

HOST: The Little Dreams Foundation provides a selection of 13 artistic and athletic Worlds. Each World division helps children to achieve the optimum chances of success towards a professional career through personalized supervision and training. Phil Collins gives his thoughts on the education at the Little Dreams Foundation.

Mr. Phil Collins (m): It’s fantastic that it’s been 10 years, and still going. I mean obviously there’s always going to be the young adults, kids, that, that want to get somewhere. They all have their dreams, whether it’s sports or art. . All you can do is, is help them, and coach them, and teach them.

SMTV (f): Hi Alexandre. You belong to Sports for the Handicapped and it is also managed by the Swiss wing.

A (m): Yes, it’s managed by the Little St-Michel Wing and the name represents Our Differences. I arrived in 2001 and I started immediately.

SMTV (f): What do you gain by doing this sport?

A (m): I am freer to speak about my disability today especially at the working level with customers. I feel more at ease.

HOST: As the music director at the Little Dreams Foundation, Mr. Paul Sutin has many great tasks and responsibilities concerning the education of these promising children. We asked Mr. Sutin how he got involved and what his thoughts are regarding the Little Dreams Foundation.

Paul Sutin(m): I started when the Foundation was born in 2000. Phil Collins asked me if audio skips I would like to, to join him in this adventure, really, and I did with pleasure. And now it’s 10 years, and we’ve had maybe over 250 kids.

Paul Sutin(m): What's great about the Little Dreams Foundation is this approach, where even Phil Collins said that, "We give them what most conservatories and music schools don’t." And that's a full performance program, where they play concerts, where they’re given opportunities.

For instance, four years ago, we had our Little Dreams singers, and the band, open for Phil Collins in Düsseldorf (Germany), in a stadium in front of 80,000 people. (Wow.) And we gave them that experience, and they probably will remember that for the rest of their life. (Yeah.) And what they may have learned from that, is some of them under the pressure of the moment, that this is not for them, this kind of life, you know. And we give them that opportunity to find out whether they're made for that or not, at a young age, so it's not too late to concentrate on another career.

Lica(f): Yeah, so I'm Lica de Guzman and I'm 13 years old, yeah. I've, I've been in the Foundation for 6 years. Yeah, I've learned a lot, since I've been in the Foundation.

SMTV (f): And what is your dream? To become a famous singer?

Lica(f): Yes, to become a famous singer, and hopefully by achieving that dream, I could achieve other dreams too with the singing career.

HOST: Mr. Sutin kindly explained the philosophy of education at the Little Dreams Foundation.

Paul Sutin(m): And The philosophy is actually very simple; it’s based on feeling and human nature. And so, what we tell our “Little Dreams” kids is, what you’re going to learn here is how, ego, you have to leave outside the door before you come in. How, when you, you accept, you have patience, you don’t get jealous if someone sings two songs and you only sing one song.

It’s all about the human relations, and how the moment you can leave all those negative forces out, you will begin to have harmony. And that harmony will become part of you and then when you sing, you tell the story and the story comes by itself. It’s about harmony and love, and then you connect with your audience. And so when they come for rehearsals, all the technical “Yes you have to be the best,” and all that, they already have that when they arrive here; that’s why we chose them.

But it’s what else makes you a more complete person? And it’s it’s all the inter-,inter disciplinary and human relationship skills; that often is what’s missing. And so that’s what we, we learn about. And and… we learn just to get on together, and and you don’t fight, if someone makes the wrong note. You learn about patience and you learn about respecting who you’re working with.

Lica (f): Yeah, so I’d like to thank Phil Collins, Orianne Collins and Paul Sutin and the whole Little Dreams Foundation, and for giving us the chance to step every step that we need to, to, to achieve our own goals. Thank you.

HOST: In keeping with the philosophy of the Foundation Paul Sutin encourages students to work towards a career based on positive human relations.

Paul Sutin(m): It’s about getting on with other people, and relationships, and also realizing that, to become a star, or to be successful in music is… is becoming a more and more of something that has to have another dimension. And And what I put into the Foundation from the beginning is the philosophy that I learned really from Yehudi Menuhin: When you go and sing somewhere, you not only do a concert but you go and sing in a hospital. You go and sing in a prison. You go and sing in a psychiatric ward. You do something that makes a difference to someone’s life. And that for me is probably more important than anything else.

Group (singing): Show me a smile (show me your smile), Don't be unhappy,
can't remember When I last saw you laughing
If this world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
Just call me up Because you know I'll be there
And I'll see your true colors Shining through
And I'll see your true colors And that’s why I love you

Paul Sutin(m): Even the kids after they’ve played in a hospital where people are terminally ill, after that experience, they then go and play the concert, for a show and they play in a different way; they feel like their life has more meaning because they’ve done more with their talent (Yeah.) than just do something that’s self gratifying for themselves. And so for me, that’s been the adventure, to see these children transform, use their talent, the exceptional gift they have for something more than just for their own success.

Beatrice(f): Thank you to the Little Dreams Foundation, to Phil Collins, Orianne and Paul Sutin, everyone, for helping us make our dreams come true.

(f): Well, I’d like to thank Phil Collins, Paul Sutin, Orianne for making this happen for us, to all realize our dreams and, and go further in, in our goal.

“True Colors” Music & Lyrics by Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly Vocals by Phil Collins & Little Dream Foundation members
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors True colors are beautiful, Like a rainbow

HOST: Our hats off, Phil Collins, Orianne Collins, Paul Sutin and all those helping Little Dreams Foundation. We wish the beautiful young friends much success in following your creativity and expressing your wonderful talent to people around the globe in all jubilance, with Heaven’s blessings.

For more information on the Little Dreams Foundation, please visit:

HOST: Thank you for your precious company today on Good People, Good Works here on Supreme Master Television. May the joys of life open our hearts to the infinite love that surrounds us.
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