HEALTHY LIVING Hemoscanning: Blood as an Indicator of Health    
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Welcome, energetic viewers, to this week’s Healthy Living, featuring two raw foodists, esteemed Russian hematologist Dr. Elena Shahbazyan and Russian nutritionist Evegenie Eremin. Raw foodists only eat uncooked plant foods or those cooked at temperatures at or below 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), thus protecting natural enzymes, a key element in bodily health, from being destroyed by the high temperatures.

Today these knowledgeable individuals will discuss how processed, or refined, foods affect health and the human circulatory system. Blood is a bodily fluid that circulates oxygen, nutrients and hormones throughout the body, and carries away impurities and toxins.

Blood has several components, namely plasma, or the liquid portion of the blood, red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes), and platelets. Blood plays an essential role in our bodies and its condition represents how well the body functions. It is also the basis of the immune system, which protects us from illness and infection, and coagulates to seal off wounds in cases of injury.

The blood is a very interesting, energy-informational object containing the information not only of the genotype of our ancestors and so forth, but it also provides some very interesting information about the current state of a person. Any negative factor affecting the human body has the potential to affect the blood cells.

Basically, one of our blood’s main functions is to transport oxygen. The erythrocytes are the ones who transport the oxygen. To be able to perform this function 100%, they should possess six signs of consistency. They should have a round shape, they should all be identical in size, they should have a precise contour, they should not have any dents or extra spots inside of these cells.

They should be of the same color and have a negative electric charge, a minus 100-150 millivolts. This is a very important factor; because of the negative charge they can push each other, and the blood becomes mobile and gets in all the cells.

The live blood-cell microscopy or hemoscanning test enables trained physicians to diagnose diseases by analyzing a drop of live blood through a microscope connected to a monitor or camera.

Hemoscanning is the only method which allows seeing and fixing many health problems in an online mode. With the hemoscanning method, not only can we see problems, abnormalities of the blood condition, blood cells and also different pathological changes, damage such as traces of metabolism disorder – the presence of metabolites such as salts, crystalloids, cholesterol and so forth, we also have the possibility to see the results of treatments used to heal the whole body. The spectrum of implementing hemoscanning is very wide.

With the help of a video camera, our microscope transmits and translates the image of the blood on the screen, and a knowledgeable specialist, hematologist, can comment online to his patient regarding the state of his blood. Now, I would like to demonstrate to you how this looks in practice, not just in theory. On the TV screen you can see a drop of blood magnified 2,500 times. It is alive; you can see the movement of plasma in certain areas. Inside the plasma you can see its elements.

It is well known that the blood is made of two basic components. This is plasma, an albuminous liquid environment where the main blood cells live and function. On the screen you can see the plasma as a blue background. The blood cells in this case look a bit deformed. Normally, they should not look like that at all. The major blood cells, the erythrocytes, should normally look like this.

When Mr. Eremin’s blood was tested after following the raw food diet for some time, the findings were extraordinary.

For a long time, about five years, I was a vegetarian. Slowly, I started to find information about the raw-food diet. Basically, I researched it and consciously switched to this diet. Right away, in the first weeks of switching, I felt constructive results. My body started to change before my eyes; I did not have chronic diseases, except maybe small ones like acne on my face and a bit of extra weight.

These things disappeared in the first days. I felt how the body started to considerably cleanse itself. The body odors started to disappear. I didn’t need all those washing things and deodorants.

Basically, life became different. And most importantly I started to have a lot of energy. Literally, I had like a splash of energy, as much as I always dreamed of. I always wanted to be an active person, join fitness clubs, go to the gym, run, travel and basically conduct an active way of living.

My teacher who was teaching me about hemoscanning took my blood for a test. At that time I was already a raw foodist for one-and-a-half years. I studied in Moscow (Russia), and my teacher has an advanced medical degree and for eight years now is teaching hemoscanning to students. So when she saw my blood, she was very surprised.

She said that it was the first time that she saw such blood. She thought that such blood can only be described in books. So, basically, in her eight years of practice she never saw such blood, never. When she found out that I do not eat processed food, but mainly fruits, she understood right away.

His blood was like of a newborn baby. And maybe even the blood of a baby in our modern life does not look like this. The free erythrocytes are separate from each other, round, enhanced, without any inclusions such as bacteria, etc.

If we had blood where the erythrocytes are separated from each other, we could live up to 150 or even 200 years.

Drinking alcohol as well as eating processed foods can cause “sludge syndrome,” a toxic condition that disturbs blood flow through the capillaries, eventually leading to lack of oxygen in the arterial blood or hypoxemia.

In most cases people of our planet, being under the pressure of many unfavorable factors from the outside as well as having an incorrect diet, bring their blood system and their body in a state that we could actually see on the screen now. What we can see is also called “sludge syndrome” in medical terms.

Basically factors such as the accumulation of toxins, slag, undigested elements that were removed from the system at the wrong time, affect the tissue of any cell, including the erythrocytes. The erythrocytes lose their electrical energy. The loss of this potential makes the erythrocytes form conglomerations, become clotted, stick to each other and combine. Usually, this phenomenon is described as erythrocytes “glued together.”

The capillaries – the final part of our system – have the same diameter as the diameter of the erythrocytes, five to seven microns. This means that the erythrocytes can get there one at a time, alone. If we see that two erythrocytes are stuck together, that means they won’t be able to get in there. Instead, they will block the capillary.

As a result, the oxygen cannot get into the cell anymore and the carbon dioxide from a cell cannot be eliminated, which in turn causes a terrible hypoxemia, yes?

The more capillaries suffer from this sludge-syndrome process, the more organs suffer from hypoxemia and lack of nutrition. Of course, the first side effect to the organ is the decrease in functionality. Then many doctors will further diagnose the decreases of this or that function, imbalances, sickness, syndromes, and symptoms.

But, at the root of all of these problems lies such a simple, but global phenomenon as the sludge syndrome. We, the hematologists say that the sludge syndrome is the root of all the other health problems.

In addition, Dr. Shahbazyan and Evegenie say that consuming processed foods hinders the nervous system, immune cells and metabolism, raising blood pressure and troubling the digestive system.

The central nervous system starts to suffer. Our brain, the spinal cord, our neurons start literally dying in huge amounts. The second important thing is our endocrine system, which produces the hormones and adjusts all the processes in our body. Next are our internal organs – especially our skin or any other obvious signs of premature aging. That means that people who eat processed food have a constant thickening of their blood.

As a result, it does not get into the capillaries and, accordingly, the cells do not get their oxygen. So, there is a general delay of the metabolism with all of the following consequences, yes? This is the main reason for premature aging and death.

The immune cells are very sensitive to such criteria as the pH- syndrome – this is an internal state of well-being which can be put simply in some numbers. This number is equal to about 7.43 – the normal pH of the blood. Basically, the immune cells are very sensitive to pH.

The pH depends on the inflow and outflow of these metabolism products. And the deviation of only a few hundredths pH to the acidic side leads the immune cells to be affected and their valuable function is lowered.

The raw, plant-based diet helps us regain healthy blood and a healthy body. Juices such as lemon juice, beet juice and carrot juice are beneficial in blood purification.

According to my observations over the last eight years, the vegetarian diet, and particularly raw foodism has a very beneficial (health) effect. When people use too much protein-rich food, the body cannot handle the quality and the amount of the protein intake, meaning that the amount of the incoming protein is much higher than the filtration system of the body can handle.

As soon as the person starts to change their diet, stops eating acidic foods and replaces it with alkaline foods, then the body becomes alkaline and starts to become youthful. Alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables in a living and original state. And the problems related with high blood pressure and with all the chronic diseases developed from a complete hypoxia will disappear. This is actually the secret of healing.

We already know that cancer and similar terminal diseases disappear. Simple, chronic diseases disappear by themselves without any other means, just by changing the diet. Most importantly, the result of the transition to the raw-food diet is the regaining of youthfulness– a sign of health.

Thank you Dr. Elena Shahbazyan and Evegenie Eremin for your wise insights on health and the circulatory system. You both are to be applauded for promoting an animal product-free, natural-food diet – the healthiest, most compassionate way of eating.

For more details on Dr. Shahbazyan, please visit

Radiant viewers, thank you for joining us for this edition of Healthy Living. May we all forever enjoy the very best of health and the highest of spirits.
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